Thursday, August 6, 2015

In This Caption, Everybody Dyes! {(Updated)

It's like a Sam Peckinpah movie, but totally not. Forget I even said that!

Got home here really late, so I am just winging this blog post. I am allowed to half-ass it now and again, right? Made this one for Terri, who likes looking alternative and gothy, like me, so it is fun to make captions that have both her and me starring in it. You'll have to picture it that she is using Skype with one of her bandmates, as I had originally done the whole convo in iChat, but it was WAY too long to fit in. If you want to see it, head to the post in Terri's trading folder, or ask me nicely, and I'll put it up tomorrow when I can download it from the Haven.

I still have quite a few captions that I haven't posted, and since I've been making one every other day or so, hopefully stay somewhat ahead .. that way I can choose which captions I want to post depending on how I feel, which can influence what I say here. Any requests for a certain style or genre of TG caption to post next?

Here is an interesting link, which talks about the psychology of forced feminisation and humiliation. Makes some sense, and does explain a few things though I'm not sure about the conclusions they offer. I wanted to store it somewhere, and this seems like a good enough place. Perhaps I will revisit it when I make a caption that would be a good subject for it.

And here is the iChat text. According to Tar: "I love the texting back and forth - how to create a caption without needing a picture! I'd love to see something like that." and "I totally could tell this was a Dementia cap just by seeing the headline in latest posts. :)"

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  1. Fun cap.
    I posted a cap for Terri earlier this day, but have to admit, I didn't look at the iChat version of this cap you posted. Wil do so the next time I go there.
    And 'Start wearing purple'? I already am wearin the one purlpe shirt I have :D