Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Not quite THOSE Stocks and Bonds, Sweetie!

It pays dividends to be flexible in today's economy!

I made this one for Suzi / Simply Says about 4 weeks ago, right before I went into the hospital. It was when I was starting to feel better so I had that dominant thing going on, but I had never finished it, getting as far as the "9 to 5" line before I stopped. Once I got home, I wasn't really feeling the caption that much, so I left it until I could give it a proper conclusion.and the mindset finally came back to me big time a few days ago, as evidenced by the caption I made for Jillisa I posted the other day.

I might have mentioned it then, but it is truly amazing how physical trauma can effect your mental state, and it is very true here. I haven't quite felt myself, and relying on others sucks ass. I have a certain expectation of how things will go, and often I would rather just do things myself than try to have someone else do it wrong, or right but not the way it was supposed to be done, and I end up having to fix it anyway.

If there was any doubt over the last few months as to whether I was a control freak and definitely a dominant in most senses of the word, it's been these last few months. Being at the mercy of others is a bitch, and not being able to do something sucks even more. I think I'll take the occasional submissive fantasy of loss of control in the TG realm and keep it right there. Feeling in control is so much more comforting and comfortable. I'm way too tightly wound to relax in subspace for even short periods of time, which is a shame because you read about how happy some people are to be able to go there.

Yeah, it's not the original. But it is the first version I heard. C'mon! Who didn't like hair metal too?


  1. LOL, lovely cap.

    Good to hear your becoming yourself again. After all, a mistress needs to be dominant and in control.

    1. Yeah, me too. I've been told to relax more and don't stress things as much, or you'll continue to have some health problems, but honestly, it doesn't seem to be me. I'm sure inheriting a few million dollars from some distant relative I knew nothing about would help me to relax more, but I'm betting I'd still be wound pretty damn tightly.