Wednesday, July 29, 2015

He Fought the Law, and Mom Won .. a New Daughter!

I blew the sheriff, but I did not fuck the deputy!

Made this for Chloegreen as part of my New Year's Resolution to caption those I hadn't captioned in awhile, and damn, that just shows you how many people are trading partners on Rachel's Haven eh?

I saw this picture online and just KNEW there was a good TG caption in it. How could there not be? Remembering that Chloe liked "legal consequences" it wasn't too hard to issue a court ordered mandate to have him turned into a 14 year old girl to try to keep him under control. Now she is all cute and innocent dreaming of boy bands and maybe getting asked to the movies with a boy,

Of course, what Dad would really be happy with the situation? The has to be apprehension, especially if his whole viewpoint to the misbehavior was, "Boys will be boys! Hell, I've done far worse when I was his age!"

By the time I was done, I wasn't sure if this was all court ordered or just a solution by Mommy Dearest, so I decided to leave it vague, but allude to Good Ol' Dad getting the change soon too. It is easy to follow if Mom is doing the changes, or if you want the legal route, Mom knew the lady judge who was an activist for female rights.

Anyway, that might be evaluating the caption a bit too much. I mean, it is only 6 lines long and took about 8 minutes to make in total, perhaps 10 to make sure I didn't violate any of her preferences. The picture is still 80 percent of the impact of this caption, and the words are a framework that just immerses you a bit more into what the photo is depicting.

Remember, there are only a few days left for the DIY Challenge. So far, I've gotten three posted to my folder on the Haven, and I believe one from Ian in the "DIY" tab beneath the blog banner.

This has to be the best thing EVER made. You have to watch the whole thing! Trust me!
When I first saw this, I was truly speechless and gobsmacked!


  1. Nice cap Dee! Although I'm surpised that Chloe is already wearing that much makeup on her first day! Looks like they may have a whole different set of problems with their little girl!

    As for the video... umm... what the heck was that? It feels like a Japanese school girl fantasy played an Anime game while listening to Gwar. I'm speechless. I'm gobsmacked. I'm confused. I'm not sure if that's the worst thing I've ever watch... or the very best thing I've ever watched. It's one or the other!

    1. Yeah. I was talking to a friend about the "chick chick" song I posted a few blog posts back, and she was like, "Have you seen Ladybaby?" so I had to watch it, and I've watched it a number of times now and It still blows my mind. The story I hear is that he's an Australian pro wrestler that has lived in Japan for awhile now that actually wears those outfits in the ring, which is a perfect was for a villain to get heat.

      Of course, when I saw it, I knew it would be enjoyed by all the freaks and weirdos that like my work!

    2. Great cap. I just wonder, Is dad becoming an aunt or a sister.

      Ladybaby is hilarious stuff, the crossover between Japanese pop music and Metal works really well.
      After watching the video I googled it a bit. You heard right he is a pro wrestler, called Ladybeard, and sings solo as well under that name. But with the two Japanese girls, the sum becomes greater than the parts.
      Yeah, I enjoyed it.

  2. Cosplay death metal ? Well Errn....

    1. But damn thing is your right just had to listen again tonight.