Sunday, July 12, 2015

Happy Birthday, Sweet Sixteen .. Your Prom Date Is Here!

I guess that is what Dad gets for being too nihilistic with his perky daughter!

Made this one for Wannabestuck as a birthday caption. I had the picture first and figured I would weave a 16th birthday theme into it, but as I started writing, I figured I'd throw in a date to the prom too (I know that 16 year old aren't seniors in high school, but girls are really excited if they are invited by a senior boy to be their date. How awesome do you think a young lady would be to have sweet sixteen AND prom on the same day?) and I made the daughter really cheerful. She wouldn't wish ill on anyone, but would rather they be HAPPY instead! We don't see THIS sort of witchcraft nearly enough in TG fiction and captions, and it is a shame, as it can be so much fun to write.

I mean, what could be worse for a pessimistic guy in his mid 30's to deal with than being overwhelmed in pink girlish femininity over and over again .. with his former wife now his mother who obviously is now married to someone much more MALE than he is now.

I wonder if this is a temporal time loop for just Cori him/herself. That perhaps the world continues onward with everyone else, while Cori tries to learn her lesson a la Groundhog Day. Maybe Dee, as a witch, can somehow get into it and help Cori break free? Does he come back as Cory or Cori when they finally DO get it right? I made this as a quickie, but it does bring up some questions I didn't think about when I posted it to her trading folder. What thoughts do you have?

Someone posted this to Facebook and I thought it was pretty funny. Figured that everyone here would get a kick out of it. You can enlarge it by clicking on it.

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  1. It would be a nightmare to live the same day over and over, even if with cake and ice cream.
    if Cori is aware of the situation then i guess there might be hope of changes things back with the help of Dee.

  2. I guess if you are aware of reliving the same day over and overr again, you'd go insane. In this case Cori would become a happy fruitcake, as she is has to feel the same enjoyment as Dee. Makes me wonder, did Dee get a 'toy' for her bitrthday as well;)