Wednesday, July 15, 2015

A "Warm" Wedding Reception!

If you have a foot fetish, wedding receptions are the place to be!

Every wedding reception or prom I've ever been too has most of the ladies shedding their heels to dance around in either bare feet or in their stockings. For someone that appreciates hose like I do, it's a shame I don't get invited to more receptions, eh?

As I wrote in Dawn's trading folder:
One of the benefits of 'owing' you captions is that I can experiment with the TG caption format somewhat, and offer a more "slice of life / moment in time" caption without a strict beginning, end, or concrete plot resolution. I mean, we take it that somehow you were changed, either BY me, or I am helping you with the change/ guiding you through a tour of femininity, but doesn't necessarily matter in the long run. It was written more for the mood and to evoke certain feelings that could happen in the situation.
When I saw the picture, I had the idea that her feet were hurting from being at the wedding reception and dancing, and that along with feeling the weird new sensation of boobs hanging off her chest, and the nice feel of thigh highs on her legs, that perhaps she would think about dancing again with one of the guys there, and that setting off some feelings ummm, down below. I think I played it subtlety enough, which I can do, even though it is much more fun to go over-the-top. Dawn figured it out pretty easily though, as in her comment:
I guess you didn't warn me about the damp panties feeling either. In fact you're probably out there dancing with MY Tony!
So I wrote it up pretty much the way I had it in my head, and made the closer, if we want to call it that, the trick that every woman does at receptions as mentioned above, the kicking off the uncomfortable heels. The interesting thing is I think the heels inhibit the ladies, and kicking them off lets them get more loose and rowdy. I'm sure the bar helps with that too, but the kicking off the heels, the whole bouquet catching thing, etc .. just revs up their reproductive organs and kicks them into sexual overdrive! You results may vary!

One of my favorite songs, regardless of genre. Just the perfect pop song.


  1. This is kind of sweet - simply the feminine experience in a moment in time. Really liked it and loved the image. Going have to give you something tights-related soon.

  2. Loved it Dee! She should have had Tony come and rub her feet but maybe that would be later!!!!
    Hope you're feeling better, with the knee and all...."


  3. Sweet, lovely cap,

    I've had the good fortune to be invited to many wedding receptions, and even if the brides didn't kick of their heels, there was still enough to enjoy for me.