Tuesday, June 23, 2015

From Stephanie to Caitlyn J. .. with love!

There seems to be a good reason why she just didn't text or skype!

I have quite a few captions to post but I'm only feeling meh about them at this point, especially since one I thought was pretty good only took awhile to get any sort of likes here. If that was met with some apathy, I can't imaging the next few will garner positivity, but then again .. predicting what people will like here is little more than a crap shoot. Might as throw stuff against the wall and see if it sticks, right? Looking at them again now, right before posting this blog makes me like them a bit better now. Perhaps I was just having a bad day, as they are installing a new heat/air conditioning system in the whole building which means we have no air circulation right now with 90 percent humidity and 86 degree temps outside while we wait for a hopefully big thunderstorm to come around and chill things out! I could describe my work day as being DAMP, which is not good when you work in an office!

Well, hopefully if anyone from the actual show sees this, they'll take it with the loving affection I have for the man, and not as some sort of slanderous projection of our own ideas about TG captions and fiction. I was thinking about how people think that Andy Kaufman might have faked his own death, and right after that, a few more stories about Caitlyn Jenner were in the news feed (the ones for Father's day) right before I went online looking for pictures. I saw this in the first folder I looked at, and the idea came to me immediately, so I had to at least put it in a caption setting.

I wasn't going to post it, but I am not sure how much attention Caitlyn really wants. I know most of her family are media whores, but I wonder if she is doing it for her own benefit monetarily, or if she's doing it to break down some more barriers for TG people. Truthfully it is probably both. I know quite a few, and in general, they want to be treated normally, and to be left alone, which they think would be a normal reaction, to blend into the background. I wonder if at some point, Caitlyn is going to feel the same way.

Hope everyone enjoys the little extra effort I put into this one. There are animals that can change sex, so I'm sure that this caption would make sense on a few levels. Mostly that I don't want to believe that he's gone, even after 10 years. I guess you can say that he died doing what he loved, so what more could you ask for, right?


  1. Has Steve been living with Elvis (now Ellen) for the last ten years ?

    1. Emilio Earhart flies them where they want to go, as long as Jenny Hoffa is his co-pilot.

  2. Fun cap Dee! I DO appreciate the extra effort put into it!