Sunday, May 3, 2015

Everybody Has a Happy Place!

Some people just have to look harder to find it! Also, please help out Rachel's Haven!

Made this one for Kate Sutherland, who is another person on the Haven that comments fairly regularly on captions that are posted to the trading area, so I wanted to make something for her. Kate's preferences are fairly basic, so I was able to really get a broad variance for pictures. The one I chose spoke to me of seduction for some reason, and the story pretty much just came to me. It appears like Dee is relaxing and comforting Kate at the same time, and .. whoa! Look where that hand went! The last line was written first, and then I backtracked to make sure I covered where I wanted it to go. I don't often do that, which sometimes leads to, "I have no idea how to wrap this up!" but it is much easier to write a story when you know what the ending is going to be.

I really like this caption, probably because the "Seduction" is half hypnotic patter and half villainous reveal to the hero. Perhaps I am the one who actually caused the change, or maybe I'm just taking advantage of a situation for my own gain .. either way works for me!

Just a head's up that Rachel's Haven is close to shutting down it's doors due to lack of funds. It was down for a few hours due to non-payment today, until someone made an emergency payment to keep it going for another month. Here is what Emily had to say:
From what I have been able to gather fundraising issues have led to the hosting account being suspended for non-payment without warning. Based on what I can tell the account was behind in payment as of today. 
Fact is the Haven is currently out of funds again. I have paid what Rach and I can afford to, but we're still short about $175. As what I paid already covered the 'delinquent' amount they listed I have asked for a reinstatement of the account based on the account history, but this is normally Rachel's purview and she's down from chemo at the moment, and also did not see this coming. Short of them reinstating the account I would say even with donation we are looking at 24-48 hours of downtime for funds to make their way through the system and be usable. 
The fastest possible way to send funds to resolve this situation currently is on Google Wallet. Send funds to If you don't already have a Google Wallet account setting one up is faster and easier than setting up a PayPal account, which we can no longer do for the Haven without the system automatically closing said account. 
Another way to send funds is to use the card processing mobile app called Square. In order for you to use this method you first have to be given access from our end, but once setup you would be able to charge your own credit or debit card without ever creating an account yourself and whatever you charge would go to the Rachel's Haven account the next business day. To be setup on Square please contact
Also available though unlikely to be a speedy resolution in this current crisis is the tried and true postal box. Cash or money order can be sent to the PO Box. For the address please contact
So, as basic as possible. To get the Haven account turned back on ASAP send funds via Google Wallet to Through Google Wallet it may happen today.
There was a time when many would chip in just $5-20 once in a while, and though it does not sound like much when added together paying the site's bills was never an issue. If for one day a month we all went without a gourmet coffee in the morning and instead put the funds toward the Haven or a large variety of worthy causes maybe it's not the $5 that makes a big difference, but if enough people all chip in that $5 together they make a big difference.
That is from Emily, and I support the drive, but I am not soliciting for her, just putting the information out to you the readers. It is a great community, so check it out if you haven't already. as it is simply one of the best sites out there!


  1. A very happy place indeed. Lovely.

    1. It's odd that this caption was posted a few days ago, yet it is finally picking up steam when it comes to views, which hardly ever happens here. I'm glad though because I liked it a lot and was dispirited at first that people weren't even looking at it.

  2. Great cap. Funny and sexy.

    I am currently looking into the ways to help the Haven with the fundraising, but so far the listed ways don't seem to work for me, so I hope I can find a way to work around it. Even the small amount I can spare can be helpfull, if I can get it across the Atlantic.
    I would hate to see the Haven having to close, as it has become one of my happy places over the last few years.

    1. At the very least, I am pretty sure you can still buy the ebooks that the Haven has put out through Amazon, or through the Haven's booksales site. You should be able to find out more about it on the Haven itself.