Saturday, April 18, 2015

The Ultimate Mancave!

Where EVERY day is "Steak and a Blowjob" Day!

Made this one last night when I was glancing through some pictures I had recently saved to my hard drive for future use in captions, and I had named this one "mancave" which really made sense. I can only assume that there was an 80 inch 4k Ultra HD television on the other wall with split screens for watching multiple playoff hockey games at the same time!

Of course, the official "Steak and a Blowjob" Day is March 14, but when you've got magic, you can recreate it anytime, and I have a feeling that she'll become his head meat handler!

I wanted a different vibe than my usual caption style, so I went and found some of that diamond plate aluminum metal in a background format and I think it looks pretty sweet as a caption setting. Once I had that, I knew I needed a font that would read better against such a busy background and that I'd have to not only shadow the text, but also highlight the edge in white so that it would stand out properly. Trust me, I am not going to be doing this with any regularity, but stepping outside the box occasionally is fun, and I do think we'll see this font again at some point as its very dynamic!

Yeah, it is somewhat sexist, but that is the point. I'm sure if this is a standard TG universe, Randall will get his comeuppance soon enough, maybe even by Charlotte there. This caption was made for Crow, but I really didn't have room to put her name in there.


Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend. We had wonderful weather (around 70 degrees!) and I got so much done today, as we headed out to Record Store Day to a local independent record store and bought some vinyl, a few DC Elseworld's graphic novels marked down to clearance, and then took the daughter out to lunch at a brick oven pizzeria which was DELISH! Then we came home and swapped out our winter clothes for summer garb .. then did some grocery shopping to end the evening. I also possibly tore some sort of something in my knee, but why wreck a perfectly good day by mentioning that? Tomorrow looks to be slightly cooler but just as nice, so I might try to 'summer'ize my car if I get a chance and can make it down 3 sets of stairs down to the ground level.

DISCUSSION QUESTION: What would YOU have in your ultimate mancave or womancave? Would you have one of each depending on how you felt?


  1. Dee I would need a "cave" somewhere in between!
    A closet full of exquisite lingerie next to a huge TV!
    A wet bar with several interesting beers on tap and a fine selection of single malt Scotch!!
    A huge vanity table with tons of makeup to experiment with!
    And maybe a Glory Hole on demand! Push the button and a delicious man pops out....oooh yes got to have that!!!!
    And right inside the door a cabinet that only my wife has the key to open that's just full of things that I'll love!!!!

    What more could a sissy cuckold want....oh yes how about a high-def digital collection of videos of my wife with her lovers! Yeah I'd want that too!!!!

    I wonder what everybody else would want.....


  2. What are friends for? If not to help their best buddy have the bestest man cave ever? I'm game!

  3. Fun cap Dee. I really like the diamond plate background and the extra effort you put into the text to make it work. I imagine it would be difficult to use that background with a lot of text.

    My ultimate man cave would have three primary things:

    1) A TV viewing area. Plenty of comfy seating. A magnificent huge central TV with several smaller TVs around it so that you could watch ALL the games at the same time.

    2) A wet bar area. Filled with the finest selection of liquors, and outside access to the grill.

    3) A work area. A bench with all the tools I’d need for repairs and enough room to properly spread out.