Monday, April 27, 2015

Lacy Is Totally ADORBS!

And is she hiding something between her thighs? Come inside and find out!

Made this for Lacysliplover almost two weeks ago, and when I saw the picture, I came up with the story and who it was for right away. As I said in the original trading post:
What is weird is that when I write captions for you. I end up always pulling myself short of being completely evil, so that I end up walking close to the edge of your preferences. Sometimes I end up falling into the precipice, but if I can just have my toes peek out a bit, then I know I've done my job. 
Hopefully I was skillful enough to dance with your preferences and not step on your nylon clad toes whilst doing so!
Pretty much what I meant to say was that I tend to want to go beyond her limits, it is just my evil nature coming out perhaps, and I need to come up with ways to reel myself in while still making it as steaming hot as possible.

Luckily in this case, I had struck the right balance.
Very sexy caption pushed to the limit, but still sexy and fun.  The preferences are there as a guideline and I like how you push them to the limit.   Many thanks.   
And someone that has become a big fan of mine (at least I think so!) is Cori (aka Wannabestuck)
 Another great one Dee. I love your concerns about not falling into the true evil pit. I love your on the edge stuff so much that I think I may give you a good shove one day.
While I don't advocate shoving your mistress around, I can understand the sentiment and I know exactly what they mean. For me, it'll be reading some online fiction (a sissy story usually in this scenario) and then all of a sudden, SLAM ON THE BRAKES! GAH! Oh well, they had me until THAT MOMENT! Sometimes I can erase that moment and everything that happens afterwards, but there are times that it pulls me so out of the story I won't even edit it down and save it to the computer to read another time.

It is funny that I mention that when I was just thinking about another way I get pulled out of the story line and that is when the story is too tame and mild, specifically those of an author named Karen Elizabeth L. whose works you can find on Fictionmania. This was some of the earliest TG stories I had read (The Switch or Turned into Sue), and was like, this is great .. then all of a sudden the conceit turns into keeping him(her)self chaste and virginal before the wedding?!? Another one was a classic that was never officially finished called "Slumber Party Nightmare" and then someone crafted one that had them (after becoming ditzy blondes in the original section) because teases but remain virgins until they married and only would read magazines like "Good Housekeeping" and "Redbook". Completely DOUBLE GAH!

Do NOT watch this video if you could be one to have epileptic seizures! Just listen, it's awesome!


  1. So are we going to learn what lacy, dee and the bisexual lover have been doing?

  2. Love the caption. i do tend to hold back on pushing to far maybe i worry to much what readers might think of me.

  3. It was a sexy caption that left things to one's imagination. Going just far enough, but not too far. Great captions Dee.