Sunday, March 8, 2015

Is the Curse of Remembering ...

Much worse than the curse to forget? PLUS a discussion on "The Scent of a Woman"!!

Made this one for Ian, who had hit some arbitrary number in the comments back in the last month or so, and I figured that now would be as good as any a time to whip something up. I am still trying to get back to a consistent quality level and sustaining it. There is a gear I will hopefully shift into soon, and until then, I will just keep grinding them out until I hit that groove.

As a topic of discussion:

About a week back, Kaaren made a post about how she loves the scent of her wife. I replied in the comments the following:
Always wondered about that whether the sense of smell is a big thing in determining if you are a sissy or not.  
I don't particularly have a fondness for the smell of sex or arousal. I don't necessarily mind it, but it certainly isn't a deal-breaker or turn-on either way. It seems to be a big thing for most of the sissies that are friends with me online. Anyone else care to weigh in on this?
Kaaren's reply was
Many of us grew up wearing "borrowed" panties! And the easiest place to borrow from was the laundry hamper. The scent of womanhood became part of our lives very early! I believe it was part of what males me what I am.  
Scent is a very powerful trigger and my wife's scent is something that triggers so much in me! Love, sex, submission...and so on! 
That's how I experience it....others may differ....I'd be curious to hear too!
We got Leeanne to post about it as well, hoping for answers. Here is what she had to say:

So I'll admit it.  I am drawn to the scent of a woman.  Very drawn.  Very, very drawn.  And I must say that I think sweet Kaaren has a point.  After I've pleasured my cheerleader I am never in a hurry to "wash up," for the simple reason that I don't want to lose her scent.  Like Dee, I'd love to hear the thoughts of others on this most intimate subject.  What say you girls?
Her post received a single reply. So now its back here to see if anyone else would like to comment, on either side of the coin. Feel free to let us know how you feel about, "The Scent of a Woman".


  1. I'm only going to comment on the cap Dee because I've already had my say on the other matter!
    I just love this one...just the whole "bad boy changed to good girl" scenario has always been a particularly hot fantasy for me! Truth be told, I have always kind of had a thing for the bad boys! I certainly wouldn't chase one out of my room after I spent so long trying to lure him in!!!!

    1. Yeah, you'd think people would WANT to talk about pussy, but we've only seem to get a comment or two in each of our blogs! Perhaps everyone is into cock instead?

      Yeah, this is a typical bad boy to good girl caption, that I tried to spin a bit by making one of the boys still bad while the other was changed. I figured that the witch was playing head games with Damien, having to see his friend changed like that. At least Ian gets to have a new life as a good girl.

  2. Thanks Dee I cant remember what this was for but love it.
    I can't say that I have ever noticed scent but do remember a guy I worked with. we were chatting when he sniffed the air "Woman" was all he said and he was of. sure enouth a woman came in with Patrick following close behind. Do not think this tale clears things up any except maybe you are just born with it?

    1. Well, in my mind I have certain numbers that when a person makes that number comment, I make them a caption. When you did it, I was in a bit of depression, etc .. so I never announced it.

      Glad you enjoyed it though!