Saturday, February 14, 2015

Fifty First Dates of Grey!

Can't forget to remember, or remember to forget! Maybe he's not so dumb after all!

Made this one for Dani Colorado as another part of my New Year's Eve resolution to caption more of the vintage members of the Haven. This is an example of making a caption on the fly, as I thought the source photo was pretty cool, but didn't really have a set idea, other than I was going to probably get to write some bimbo dialog, which is ALWAYS fun!

I started with the first few lines, then wondered how he would hit on her. Perhaps with something stupid to match her lack of understanding. What could be more dumb than an Adam Sandler Movie Festival? I needed a reason for the girl in the picture to have been a boy in the past .. and as I was thinking about the movies I have seen of his, and ones I hadn't .. I remembered the plot of one of his movies with Drew Barrymore in it. Well, I at least had a title, which coincidentally sort of blends in well with a movie that came out this weekend!

Well, I could certainly wrap the rest of the caption up around that plot which I hope most people at least have a familiarity with, and if not, I'm hoping they'll be able to figure it out with her lines. Then, to finish it off, I then imply that he knows her, which she vaguely catches before the "zinger" references her shirt.

Total seat of the pants writing, and somehow I think it worked, tying the picture together with the plot enough and not leaving anything important out. There can be implications, like does he know she was a guy, or is just taking advantage of the bimbo she's become? Maybe if he's known her a few days, she has had moments of clarity and given him enough information for him to have an idea. However, I don't think we can draw too many conclusions from this.

DISCUSSION QUESTION: Do you think this is a coherent caption? Is the TG portion of this implied enough or was it more of a bimbo caption? Was it ok for a quickie that was written without any sort of guideline before I started typing?


  1. To be honest, the tg element of the caption was very vague. I didn't really catch it until I read your post. I kept thinking it was something implied... That said it wouldn't have taken much, and as a quicke was pretty good

  2. I have to agree with Sarah Ashley, the TG element was vague, reading it again I believe I only picked up on it because I expected it. I doubt I would have picked up on it if it was posted on a non-TG site.
    Still it is a good, fun cap.

  3. As the above it only works because of the expect content of this blog. A fun caption though. i think the EX must be the Adams Sandlers greatest fan fan to have punished him in such an extreeme way. i think the suiter has been tipped of by the ex "you want an easy lay get a tattoo and tell the dumb bimbo you love adam sandler."

  4. Hmmm. I like totally get it. Ya know? I like totally get it.

  5. I think this is a perfectly good bimbo/tg cap. You've had discussions here before on how much exactly has to be explained in any caption. They can range from long story form caps that give out the entire story, to ones like this where you have to start with the assumption that it's TG related. Once you get that point, it's a very enjoyable TG caption.

    Could someone new to the genre really get this cap? Probably not. But this was meant for an established cap artists in an established community. The brevity is pleasing in this case!