Friday, January 23, 2015

Daphne's Under a Gag Order!

What's that Sweetie? Are you saying something?

Made this for LadyHarmony (formerly Wraithstrike) on the Haven, and I saw this picture while surfing on the intertubes and it looked more playful than nasty and mean. I took the idea from the way I viewed it. I went with a different font because I wanted to use her top as a design element of the caption setting and my typical font doesn't work well when there is white built into it.

I also made this while doing tech support for a customer's laptop computer, removing what for them was a nasty browser hijacker. So far so good for me, and I'm working on removing the last remnants (hopefully!) of the crap that was lurking about. They usually leave some sort of detritus behind, hoping to possibly reinfect the system again when it gets another opening, so I'm wandering around the registry looking for nasty tendrils left behind, then scanning once more before calling it a night.

For me, this is about as close as I'll get for being paid to make captions. There is lots of waiting around for routines to run while I'm fixing a computer so I always have something else to do in the meantime. I have my computer up and running anyway since I might have to research some code or nasty little bugger on ways to remove the tool that installed, so why not have some fun? I made this caption and about 80 percent of another (I can't figure out how to end it for now!) so I've got money in the bank AND more captions to post .. and I am passing the savings along to you!

Does this still look like a "Dee" caption, due to the change in font and other design changes?


  1. It's a good caption and the text does give it away. However, the design and the font are quite strikingly different from the 'normal' (whatever that means).

    I'm just enjoying the Foo Fighters. Never really listened to them before a friend of Tilly's sent me an album for Christmas and challenged me to find an ale for each song.

    1. The Foot Fighters are one of those bands that I think would be hard to hate honestly. Middle of the road enough to appeal to almost everyone, with just a slight edge to keep them from being completely boring, like Coldplay for instance, but with mainstream sensibilities. I guess in a way that its ironic that The Foo Fighters are probably everything that Cobain DIDN'T want Nirvana to become.

      Glad you were still able to read the caption with a "Dee Voice" even though it didn't quite look like one.

  2. Fun cap Dee... she does have a mischievous look to her!

    I think the cap does look like a 'Dee' cap... just not a 'Dee' cap of today. It looks like it is either an older design, or perhaps a 'Dee' cap of the future.