Monday, January 19, 2015

Cheating on the Test is Not Honorable!

but my nails DO look very shiny!

Made this one for MissChinaGirl on the Haven a week or two ago as part of my resolution to caption some of the captioners that have been around forever. To me, its a typical, "You can't put 5 gallons of water into a 2 gallon jug," situation which makes it ripe for a TG caption. I'm not even going to argue that the original Kimiko didn't get the short end of the stick in that trade, though I'm sure with his brain, she was able to retain everything she already knew plus his old knowledge so that MIGHT just tip the scales in her favor, along with the new Kimiko's acquired massage and sexual skills making it a real no-brainer!

Part of making this caption was that I didn't want to do that whole pigeon English crap anymore but still stick her into an Asian body. Of course, airhead bimbos ARE airhead bimbos, regardless of ethnicity, so I had that going for me. Still dancing on the edge a bit with the nail salon, but you can't throw a rock in a mall without hitting a Chinese run boutique so I will plead the fifth on this one, PLUS an area Chinese Buffet was closed down when the owner was busted for human trafficking, so this caption does have some reality behind it.

Going to be an awesome Super Bowl coming in two weeks. I think it could go either way, and I had no problem with Seattle bing favored, though I guess in Vegas it's now a "Pick'em" game. What a great ending to the Seattle - Green Bay game, and the Pats dominated by the Colts, so much so that they are accusing the Patriots of playing with deflated balls! I"m assuming that is what the Pats did to Indy just by playing in the game! "Deflated balls" sounds like the title of a some TG Cheerleading Caption!


  1. or worse still well kimko or the yakuza insist she earn them cash at the parlour?