Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Do What Lindsay Did .. Not That!

You need to follow directions when you are a model!

Writing this one up quick because Rifftrax has a 2 hour special on NatGeoWild channel at 9 PM. For those not in the know, its the guys from Mystery Science Theater 3000, and they are going to be doing their thing to a few "animal" channel shows.

Anyway, I made this for Terri, as she's been a great coordinator for the "25 Captions of Christmas" that has been running on the Haven. I saw the picture, and knew the background of the pose, so I figured that would actually make a great plot line for the caption. I think people can gather up the background for it pretty easily, so I shouldn't have to explain it.

Sarah Ashley, leave me your preferences in the comments section , as you were the correct number commenter for one of the many things you said the other day. Mostly I need to know a male name, a female name, and if you prefer full gender transformations or if you'd like to be a crossdresser or she-male. Also, if you have a preference to be with a male or female (or it doesn't matter) and perhaps a short blurb about things you like in TG captions. "Why?" you ask? Because I will make you a caption with those things included if they need be. All part of my plan to get people chatting here on this blog. There will be another opportunity to get a personalized caption coming soon!


  1. Wow, I did comment a lot the other day didnt i... Well my male name is James and I prefer complete gender transformations. As far as the partner goes I prefer female but like both anyway. Thanks for this, I really enjoy your captions...
    Ok, a short blurb. I like captions that mess with the mind, either being completely unaware of the changes or submitting. Like I said before I like the captions like "something that ate the Canary" And some ones that you have done recently such as the carnival and the lake. Sometimes I like the captions like your "dreams" one recently because of the mental change and the oblivious nature of it.
    Anyway I like almost everything that you put out. I love being put in a Femine Situation. Which you are perfect at. Thanks :D

  2. Et Dee créa une femme.
    Lovely cap. I like the Bardot reverence, I don't recall seeing a cap doing that before.

    Love watching "Later... with Jools Holland" as well as his Hootenanny's, partly because of his choise in artists partly because of the interesting duets on his shows. The French have a similar show called "Taratata" hosted by Nagui. If memory serves me right that show predates Jools Holland's "Later..." Though I have to say, I'd like to see a lot of the artists who performed in either show to see in "Live from Daryl's House." The sound of that is so much better, and Daryl's guests always seem more relaxed.