Sunday, October 19, 2014

You Can't Convince Me! .. plus the Latest DIY Challenge!

Sometimes your co-workers can be such losers!

Made this one for Jeannie, as I owed her a caption. Pretty much a basic caption but I've been trying to do some more work on placing text onto the actual source picture. You tend to lose some space for which to write the story, but you do gain quite a bit visually as the photo takes up a much larger portion of the overall presentation. For instance, I usually make captions between 1100 and 1200 pixels wide (and 1000 or less height) regardless of how its set up. If I do it the above way, then the picture is only 30 pixels smaller than the entire caption setting. If I do it in a more standard way, the photo is usually no larger than 600 pixels so I have enough room to room to place my text. That means the picture is taking up no more than 50 percent of the whole caption setting.

Trying to balance the visual to the presentation of the text has been a struggle for all captioners since they first started being made. My thought is that once the picture is less than 35-40 percent of the total size, then its probably more of a short story with an image, rather than a caption. Others may disagree, but at some point around there, it stops being a caption.

Thanks to everyone that has posted so far about the airplane caption. I've updated it to include the original source photo in case you wanted to make/design your own. When I do my follow-up, if you make one, I'll post a link to it in the post itself. Great ideas all around!


And now onto the next DIY Challenge. This one should be a lot of fun! the deadline will be October 31 at the Witching Hour PST (aka Midnight on the West Coast of America!) You can either send your submissions to me by email, a PM on Rachel's Haven, or posting in the comment section of the "Latest DIY" link at the top of this page, right underneath the banner.  Enjoy!

I'm sure that most people would be able to come up with SOMETHING, right?


  1. I tend to use this format for dialogue captions to. Like a comic strip it like a little snap shot. think I should do more of them considering my next to nothing out put. great fun to do as well.
    like the D I Y but well have to have a think on this one.

    1. Whenever I made captions like these, as you mentioned its a comic strip/book type of style, I always worry that people won't read it in the right order. Not everyone is used to reading comic books, and I try my hardest to line up what people have to say just like a comic book artist would do.

  2. Great cap. It is always a surprise for the employees what they will become when HR starts altering their files as they see fit.

    Lovely DIY picture. There is definately a cap in this.