Thursday, September 11, 2014

What Happens in Vegas ...

.. can really follow you wherever you go!

Made this one as a quickie for Chelsea Baker, and as soon as I saw the picture, the "zinger" at the end came to mind.right away. Back when I was younger, it was something that tough guys said in movies.

Once I had the premise, I had to write a story leading up to it. Since it was a cinematic inspired zinger, I figured why not go to the movies for the rest of it. A ton of movies involve a private detective hired to find someone .. a spouse who has disappeared, and escaped convict on the run, etc ... so that played out well with what I wanted to represent.

Not sure what else I can say about it. Another one of those "Set them up and knock them down," sort of captions that you really shouldn't over think.

I was going to put up "Private Eyes" by newly elected Hall and Oates (BOUT FUCKING TIME!) but honestly, I just love Daryl Hall's show, "Daryl's House" and wanted to give it more exposure, as if they needed my damn help! Joe Walsh is one of my favorite older guitarists (reminds me of Ace Frehley) and just track down the entire episode on Youtube. Its wonderful.

Now THAT is how you make pop music. With a live band!  Glad these old geezers can show those youngsters on Idol and The Voice how the hell the music business is supposed to go!


  1. Love this one Dee! And the songs too!



  2. love the caption and the forced make over
    I do have a real thing for Vegas show girls one day I well get to a show

  3. LOVE the cap. Am always a fan of bois who are turned into a more over-the-top drag/burlesque type of gurl

    1. Glad you enjoyed it! One of things in the back of my mind was, would Dolly give it two tits up!

  4. Great cap. I guess Chelsea won't be leaving Las Vegas any time soon.

    One of my colleagues recently told me about "Daryll's House," he recommended the show with Billy Gibbons, but I didn't get around checking it out yet.
    I did watch the show with Joe Walsh after I read your cap. Indeed wonderfull! It's great how these guys play for the love of music. Their enthusiasm is something that is missed a lot in nowadays mainstream music.
    I got to find me that program again that allows me to get the audio from You Tube vids. This would be great while driving. exhilarating music, that doesn't give me a led foot.

    1. The Gibbons show was really good too. Sometimes its the lesser bands that surprise you, like when the singer for Fall Out Boy showed up and was awesome .. enough that I think he impressed Daryl a lot more than he thought he would.

      The production on the sound is second to none and if I could get any of my recordings to sound 1/10th of the way they do here, I'd be ecstatic!

    2. Watched both shows, and can only agree: Awsome. I'm going to put watching Rockpalast on hold for the time being, and try to watch every single piece that's out there of Daryl's house.
      The sound IS superb, I can't recall ever seeing a live music show on TV that came close.
      Even at the live shows I visited it was rare to get such a great sound, so I understand your enthusiasm. Seeing, hearing this actually makes me regret I never learned how to play an instrument.
      How is this for a thought, the both of us go to Daryl's house. You play with Daryl, and I help his dad with a clam bake;). I was surprised when I found out Daryl's house was not only about music and stories about music, but about food as well.