Saturday, September 6, 2014

Don't Back Down .. Little Surfer Girl!

Who wants an Endless Summer of Beach .. and Boys?

Made this one for Ridney. Thought about all the old beach movies of the 1960's with Annette Funicello and Frankie Avalon, along with surf music by way of awesome punk bands like The Queers. Figured that could be fertile ground for a TG caption. This picture just jumped out at me when I saw it, and knew I'd be able to work with it, and the colors offered a dynamic palette for the caption setting.

Not really sure what else I can say about it. Since its the weekend, if you have any questions about this caption, previous captions, or just a question in general you've always wanted to ask .. ponder no more! Write it in the comments, and I'll answer them in the next blog post!

Tomorrow is the first Sunday of the regular season for the National Football League. I am going to be figuratively glued to the TV, or maybe just the couch. This year will be mellow, as I'm not involved in any regular fantasy football league, just one pick-em league, which I won last year!

See you again real soon! Get your baggies on cuz surf's up!


  1. I'll admit I have something of a soft-spot for these sorts of stories where a jerk gets a taste of being a women as a punishment for misogyny. It strikes a chord because, back before I knew this was a thing, it was the reason that I came up with for all the TG thoughts in my head. Also, justice.

  2. Lovely caption. Looking like that, I would make sure I ended last.
    While I haven't attended a concert of either the Queers or M.O.D. I'm pretty sure I saw them on Rockpalast, a German TV show that aired a lot of concerts over the years. I still have some on VHS. And I found that a lot of these shows are on You Tube. I haven't found the Queers and M.O.D. yet, but these shows might be worth checking out for you. I am playing the Michael Schenker Group's concert from 1981 as I write this.