Monday, September 1, 2014

.. As He Touched Me!

Just repeat after me!

Made this one for Simone a few days ago. As I wrote in the post:
Was trying to make a caption for you as though it was you writing it .. and about half way through, I got a bit stuck because you as the main character seemed to be a bit too submissive, which to be honest, you write submissive characters for others so well .. but isn't quite your persona. Then I came upon an "AHA!" moment that really made it even more "Simone" if that was possible with a Dee twist I think you'll like.
 One of the things I like about this one, like a few of the previous ones I've posted, is that you, the reader, can BE the person talking out loud, OR you can be the blond. In fact, you could make a case that the person speaking IS the blond. I wanted it to be universal, so it is a bit ambiguous.

The only defining thing that I know for sure is that its Simone talking. Why? Because she should be more dominant by the end of the caption, as defined by her preferences, which is what tripped me up in the beginning. I've done captions before like this one, where I think to be a domme, you need to have experience being submissive. In a way, its like Boot Camp for the military, where they try to break you down as far as they can, then build you up they way they want you to be.

I look at it like this: Simone has done her apprenticeship with the Master and is now ready to strike out on her own. The final act is to find her replacement, and that is the person she is talking to now. If you've ever seen the original "Behind the Green Door" then you have an idea of how I set it up.
So how well did I do in creating a "Simone" flavored caption for Simone? Its hard to describe how a Simone caption is made, but you can tell by the writing, not just the design. She tends to write more about feelings than I do, and they still have that erotic tingle. My touch is the repetitive nature luring the victim to relax, and the way the caption turns itself inside out. I really would like comments on this caption, if my readers would be so inclined! Good or bad, let me know what the caption means to you! Speaking of comments, I have had time to reply to many of your comments over the last week, so check them out!

God I loved this song, and I had a Samantha Fox poster when I was in middle school. Damn, what a hot little, big breasted minx! If you had to be an 80's chick, wouldn't Samantha Fox be your choice?


  1. I love this caption and the song Dee. I just thought of something. I almost always react especially strongly to captions for which your song choice also happen to hit me good.

    Kiss kiss,


  2. Wonderful caption. I think you succeeded with your intention. A Simone at the start of her new life. A woman who already has the skills, the talent and the elegance, but all of it becomes more refined, sophisticated, to become the woman she is today.

    Samantha Fox, now there's a Sun page three girl that's a blast from the past. I know she was the wet dream of many boys in those days, and I believe there would have been a few girls whose hearts jumped for joy, when she came out as being lesbian.
    As it goes for the big breasted minxes, miss Fox would be on top of my list, but if I get to choose any singer from that era I would choose Laura Branigan. Her voice alone was more erotic than anything Samantha Fox displayed.

  3. I think you did a very good job with this as a Simone caption Dee. I agree with the thought that a good Domme has to have experience as a sub. At least in the TG cap world.

    I actually kept the idea that the blonde is talking throughout the cap. The first few paragraphs made her seem a bit surprised or taken aback which really shows in her facial expression. The last couple of paragraphs though showed me how she's presenting her body... breasts out and confidently presenting herself.

    Very good cap!


  4. Well that was pretty hot. I really like how it doesn't feel like a personality deletion, just an addition.