Sunday, August 10, 2014

The True Story About the Disappearance of Boysenberry Syrup!

or .. We'll always have waffles!

What I posted to Ridney's Trading Folder pretty much holds true here:
Well, IHOP (International House of Pancakes) would have you believe that when Knott's Berry Farm was sold to Smuckers, they stopped producing Boysenberry Syrup in large quantities, so they can no longer carry it. However, we know now the *REAL story in all its TG glory!
Hope you enjoy!
* or Dee just found a cute picture of a girl eating waffles. The Smoking Man wasn't sure but knew it was one of those choices.
I only found out the Smucker's account through searching on Google, which does make a whole lot of sense, but you'd think the demand would be large enough that they'd want to continue fulfilling what was a large marketplace for a product. I can only imagine it was too costly for them.

Anyway, I enjoyed the photo, and "Waffles? That's It? Waffles?" came into my head when I saw it. From there, it was just my conspiratorial nature that tied the TG element into the picture ... that the now missing boysenberry syrup must've been the cause of the gender swap. Hell, its got BOY right in the title of the foodstuff, and could relate to the "sugar and spice, and everything nice" part of the girl's rhyme. Never mind that Boysenberries can be quite tart to the taste buds which feeds into the caption as well.

Gotta love Parry Gripp. He was/is the lead singer of Nerf Herder, and now makes funny, and uplifting songs on You Tube. Check them out!

And here's one from his actual band, Nerf Herder.


  1. A tasty caption. I used to work next door to a place called waffle house and developed a major addiction.

  2. Well, who doesn't like waffles?
    Tasty caption, makes me crave waffles:)