Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Raise Your Hand .. If You're Sure!

Yeah, the title is from an old 80's commercial. No big whoop!

Made this one for Helena as a gift for being one of the people that made the 3k comment here on my blog. I appreciate every single one that is posted, except for all the ones for ball bearings or gink0 b!l0b@ as its spelled in the spam folder! The entire point of the blog was to create a dialog between caption creators and those who view them, and I think its done exactly that.

The story came in to place as soon as I saw the picture so I immediately threw it into a caption setting and let it stew for a few minutes. I kept coming back to her arms, and to me, it looked like she was trying to keep one of her arms from raising up, like in a hypnotists trick where they make the subjects arm to rise, even when they are trying to fight it. Make the hypnotist into an all around magician, and presto chango .. we have got ourselves a caption! To finish it off, we don't know if a compulsion trigger was implanted to include a female persona or was it more of a subconscious thing deep inside that made him want to stay a girl. That ambiguity is probably the main reason why I like this caption. Hopefully Helena will like it too!

I will be around here and there over the next few weeks, as I have a long distance relative visiting for the next 10 or so days, and one of my close friends has had a medical issue which has needed attention, so I have been shuttling them in and around Boston, which makes me a bit grumpy to say the least. Then again, at least I'm not the one who is sick for once! I will either be posting captions from awhile back that never made it up here for some reason, or captions that I made fresh before posting them here on the blog, since I don't have that many new ones in the hopper as a backlog. Perhaps another DIY is in the offering as well.


  1. Wonderful caption, it indeed brings the question, if there is hypnosis involved, can you be made to do things against your will? Or can the hypnotist only bring out what is already there.
    Also what would be the limitations if there is real magic involved?
    Regarding myself, I know the answer. I let your readers decide for themselves.

    Great song by the Misfits. Knowing their main inspiration comes from movies, I always assumed they were inspired by "Boxing Helena" for this song, but I never read anything to confirm that.

    I hope your friend's condition is not to serious, and that he/she will be fine soon.

    Anyway, I have something to look forward to, next time I visit the Haven:)

    1. Well, it wasn't colon cancer, which they thought it might be, but Crohn's Disease. Now they know what it is exactly, he can probably be treated by local doctors. I thank you for your concern Helena!

      I am glad that you have a definitive answer. I also like the fact that it is debatable for most everyone else!

  2. If I looked like Helena, I would raise my hand in a second!