Thursday, August 28, 2014

Let's Cut to the Chase!

Just listen to the boss lady!

Who doesn't like to see happy endings, even in a TG caption? Its a VERY Dee caption, and though I can't totally explain why, I think everyone that looks at it would agree, in style and in content. Its got Jenkins as the boss, a protagonist using big words and putting a semi-hapless man in his place, a good looking model, and patented Dee attitude. Also, like in one of the previous captions I posted here, you could picture yourself as one of a few different characters in the story, either the Chase character or the guy who is about to get his comeuppance. Choose your own adventure when you can!

Where the hell did the summer go? It'll be Labor Day this coming Monday, which is also September 1st. Honestly, where the hell did all the time go? 2/3 of the year 2014 will have passed on that date! Yes I have already started my Christmas shopping, but that is because I'm cheap and broke: and its easier when we spend little amounts spread through 5 months, it makes much less of an impact plus we then don't have to deal too much with insane mall shoppers in December.

I am taking a 4 day weekend though to usher in the "fall" season, with kids going back to school and people finishing up their summer vacations. There is still fun to be had though, and I look forward to cooler, easier to breathe air, falling leaves, fresh pressed cider, and of course, HALLOWEEN! I really am in my element once Summer takes its last gasp.

Just thinking about if you tweaked Grease a bit where Danny was Dani for the summer and met a girl and had a lesbian or sissy fling with Sandy, who was usually a nerdy wallflower, but during that summer was a bit of a minx dominatrix .. how would the movie/story have played out? Would Dani become an honorary Pink Lady ... and would Sandy introduce Dani's backside to GREASED LIGHTNING? What do you think?


  1. a great caption It does switch things around.
    I have not seen grease in years but I like how your mind works.
    you asked about diy themes a few captions ago maybe a movie still from a movie to supply a different tg ending
    I e terminator Sarah Conner could reprogram arnie into a fem robot

    1. I like the idea of that terminater caption

  2. Great caption. I love the story, ant there is something very appealing to these modern day pin up girls.

    Grease brings back memories. When it came out, I had no clue what they were singing about. I was only just starting to learn English, and the double layers in music was not somthing teachers would educate their pupils in.
    I like your idea about the ending as well. I would say, the Pink Ladies would turn all of the T-Birds, giving the *T* a whole new meaning.

    1. Of course! Rizzo would have them all kneeing at her feet! BTW, I most related to Rizzo as a youngster!

    2. Me too, in my case, mostly because she was tough on the outside, keeping her true feelings to herself. To be honest, the tough part? That was never me. Keeping my feelings to myself, that was.