Sunday, June 15, 2014

Corporate Bribery .. at Its Best! .. and DIY results!

Sometimes you REALLY don't want to go to work in the morning!

Hope everyone had a good Father's Day. Or at least survived it! I didn't get to see my daughter today as she had an 12 hour shift at the restaurant. Hopefully soon we will head out for a dinner, her treat, and there are a few vegetarian places I'd like to go to so perhaps she'll take me there! It also sucked because my family had a clam boil, except for me since I can't eat them anymore due to the previous health issues I mentioned. I had some really good stuffed mushrooms, but it was odd to sit outside with my GF while the rest of my family was inside eating there. Felt pretty isolated, though we did get to keep an eye on my cousin's 2 year old daughter while he ate clams inside. In a way, it made me miss not only my daughter, but how much fun it was to watch her run around as a 2 year old, discovering everything for the first time .. and then trying to destroy it! So yeah, an uneven day for me overall, but it could have been much worse, since I still have my dad around to argue politics!

Made the caption for Sarine Davis (aka Belladonna on Fictionmania) mainly because I hadn't made her a caption in a month or two. Over time, I've developed a rapport with quite a few TG trading captioners, and they are fun to make, and receive captions from. Her work is always fun to read, and mostly plausible, and well done .. and her preferences fail pretty well into my wheelhouse.

I tend to make captions for Sarine that echo her work on Fictionmania, which puts it into the realm of the office generally. I try to spin them a bit though and take a detour. My captions are very short compared to her work, so I can definitely stop on a dime. I would assume that is why she makes captions too. After working out 12k words or more on one person's descent into femininity, making some quick, to the point captions is most likely a vacation.

I know that there is a bit of time left for people to submit something, but I doubt I'll get anything else tonight so I figured I'd just post them here and now. If someone did, I'll tack it on to this post sometime Monday evening.

The first submission was from Annabelle Raven who wanted to take a crack at it, and it certainly sounds like she enjoyed the picture, as its something I could definitely have seen her post at her own TG Caption Blog. Its a great read, but definitely fiction. I mean, ME .. narcissistic? Extra frilly undergarments in YOUR maid outfit Annabelle! :P

Up next is first timer here in the DIY challenge, Sarah Ashley. You can tell that Amy runs a tight ship of a bar, and perhaps the portrait is showing the one of her relatives serving their signature drink, though I think if you had too many of them, you'd definitely be signing things with a different name! Glad you had the inspiration to whip up something for the readers to gaze upon, and I hope you'll create something again real soon!

And the final submission is from Helena, and she always creates a great world that the caption plot inhabits, and this one is no exception. Not many captions drop Plato into the storyline so bravo for that, and making me a goddess is always a great way to get on my good side! See Annabelle, I am not the slightest bit narcissistic! Its so much better when OTHERS sing my praises! Hahahaha!

Wonderful job everyone .. and what happened to Ian lately? This might be the first DIY contest that he's missed in months, and I haven't seen comments either. Ian!!! Make sure you check in and let us know that everything is OK!

I'm guessing that every person with TG tendencies at all wanted to look like Dolly Parton in the 1970's. Hell, looking like that in a drag show in 2014 would be a blast I'm betting. Has RuPaul done a tribute to this buxom paragon of femininity yet? She's everything that was good about the 1970's rolled up into on little ball of giggling, girlish glee. Watching the movie again, didn't you want to BE Dabney Coleman in that contraption, perhaps subliminally teaching and molding you on how to be just like her? The return to the office as her twin 6 months later would be worth it I think!


  1. Great job Dee! And sorry, I had to personify the gal in the mirror... Ooh, the frillier the better. Thanks for letting me play, and the link back which I will return in kind. :)

    1. Not a problem sweetie! I've been called much worse, and if there is anything worse than being called a narcissist, its being ignored. THAT is a horrible thing for a narcissist to deal with!

  2. Lovely cap. It's been a while since I last read a story by Belladonna on FM (anything on FM actually), but these were always great to read.

    Anabelle and Sarah did a lovely job on their submission.
    Glad you liked mine, I wanted a link to Atlantis, and Plato was the first to my knowledge who mentioned it.

    Funny, I had a little discussion about one of the other leading ladies from "Nine to Five." Although we discussed "Barbarella." Need to watch that again:)
    Hmmm..., wouldn't mind looking like Jane Fonda looked in those days either.

  3. Jane Fonda, now there is a woman who's been beautiful at every age. Could she have Dorian Grey's portrait stashed in her closet turning gray? BTW, beautiful caps all. Loki needs to get out more. >:)