Friday, April 25, 2014

Not TOO Feminine .. to Start!

We shall see how it goes in a few weeks!

Made this one for Kendall on the Haven. I had the caption setting for quite some time, and lost track of it back about 6 months or so ago. Finding it gave me an idea that I thought would work well with Kendall's preferences. Here are a few response to the caption:
"Nice concept and cap.  The ending was fun" ~ Sarine Davis

 "That hypothesis is very true. :D " ~ Jillisa
 Interestingly enough, my original thought was just to end it at the "socially inept" line as sort of a zinger, but I wanted something more that could linger and manifest itself later. I worked out something extra that does seem truthful enough. Give a guy not used to attention of any sort the spotlight, and it might have an impact on future behavior, especially if they liked the way it felt.

I wonder if that is a reason why some guys like to dress up in women's clothing. Just where the positive reinforcement came in and what was it exactly? Was it attention given to them by a mother, sister, girlfriend, etc .. when dressed? Just the way things felt from a tactile standpoint (ie. I love the way nylons feels on the legs, especially when the thighs or calves are rubbed together or when a silky skirt/dress sways against them) or from a, "this is the way I should be dressed!" point of the outside body image matching the inside image of who we are. Perhaps its a "I am naughty when I do this!" or "I feel closer to her when I'm in her clothing." I guess everyone is different, but it tends to manifest itself almost the same way.

It is nice to know though that I didn't just pull that hypothesis out of my ass, but that others tend to think its a pretty good theory. Either way, it certainly does explain why many people do keep going back to it, even after they swear they'll never do it again. If its in you, its IN YOU!


  1. I think you hit it very close to home with a lot of us.
    I know it started for me at an age I can't even remember, and I still wonder: Did my sisters trigger something in me, or did they see a little sister they were trying to help? Maybe both?
    However it would have been nice to encounter a girl who would have understood, maybe even encouraged me, in my younger days.

    1. I'm sure that it is different for everyone, but that it still forms an imprint felt much later in life certainly does make it seem like a common bond, doesn't it?

  2. a great caption, loved the "zinger" and an interesting add on. can't say I am an expert but I guess the pleasure get the old reward endorphins racing in the brain which it seeks again, alas the high is followed by the down because of social norms. For myself one day I just stopped getting the desire don't know if it was age other interests or just a frazzled brain.

    1. Well, its nice to see that you are still following us all even though the desire isn't really there for you at the moment. Perhaps someday it will reawaken for you!

  3. That's quite a psychological insight you have there!

    And yes, I suspect that many of us would claim some sort of version of that experiment. However, I do have one curve ball to throw at the rather compelling hypothesis - why as a woman? Why dress in clothes of the opposite gender in the first place? Most of those I know that do (admittedly online) seem to have no amazing origin story beyond having the urge. Certainly reinforcement plays a considerable role but what about the initial urge?

    Would that reinforcement have the same effect on *any* man or boy who had not had the social spotlight for any reason? If so, would that therapy work for other things too?

    It's a delicious mystery. Thank you.

    Also, yes, just as I go back to work, you *fiend*!