Sunday, April 27, 2014

Mistress Will See You Now, Mr. Jenkins!

Though I'm not sure how everyone will see you in a few hours!

Whipped this one up yesterday while I had some time to actually sit down and make some captions. The fun thing was they seemed to come really quickly, once I found a source picture that inspired something for me to work with. The previous caption, aka the current DIY caption setting, took me literally 7 minutes from start to finish, then another 3 minutes to polish off the rough edges. I am so happy when things like that occur, like I can tap directly into my psyche and put it into a digital format for everyone to see.

Looking back on this caption now, I think I see a bit of influence from one of the weirdest cult classics of the 1970's, Mae West's Sextette. She was quite old at the time, and it costars a very young Timothy Dalton as her sixth husband. They seem to treat her like she's STILL a sex symbol, even though she was 85 years old when the movie came out! Trust me, you have to see it to believe it!

Anyway, they conduct business in the honeymoon suite, and obviously that has influenced this caption as I was creating it. Who wouldn't want to use a word like boudoir? Its almost as fun a word to say as credenza or shish kabob! Besides, its nice to see former Alpha Males serving me after trying to take me to the cleaners in some business deals. I guess they didn't know who they were fucking with, eh? They certainly remember now!

I'm still taking submissions for the DIY through Friday night, so if you come up with something, post it to the comments and I can throw them together over next weekend. Once you do, feel free to check out the one I posted and see how alike, or different, they all came out!


  1. Love the caption yes there are words that sound nice. I used to play a game with a colleague at work when you got points for dropping certain words in to a conversation my favourite was pimp mobile.

  2. Great cap, I only found the trailer from "Sextette", but between what you wrote here, and that trailer, I am curious about the movie. It does make me wonder, how many of today's sex symbols could pull that of when they become 85.

    1. Well, that is what makes it a camp classic .. she didn't really pull it off, and you feel like you are watching a movie from another planet! She was also in Myra Breckenridge, a sex-change operation movie starring Racquel Welsh that is just as bad as Sextette!

    2. I need to get my hand on these movies. They sound to bad not to be fun.