Monday, April 14, 2014

In 'Broad' Daylight No Less!

I could see this role in the movie being played by Brad Pitt with George Clooney playing Gerry.

I honestly have no idea how the hell I came up with the idea behind this caption. I was just looking for source pictures to inspire me, and as soon as I opened this one up, I saw her as the "after" in disguise for a big time bank hold-up. I mean, if you are looking for a scruffy guy with whiskers and an old hoodie, in men's clothing .. you don't expect them to clean up this nicely without some preperation before hand, eh?

Something tells me that Gerry is going to get caught, and Penny will have both halves of the payday, don't you think? Hell, perhaps the trap is already set. "Thank you, Miss Goodbody for turning in this bank robber. Since you are an obviously high-priced escort, he was trying to impress you with a story that turned out to be true! Its a shame that you had to kill him after he told you how he disposed of his partner's body but we never blame the victim in this city, especially with that kinky cowboy shit he was trying to make you perform. I am truly sorry that you can't collect your usual fee, but if we find any trace of his cohort in the vat of acid he described to you in great detail, perhaps a little reward will be coming your way. If only he had told you where he hid it all, you could have a bigger finders fee. Detective Jenkins will show you out the precinct office now."


  1. I love the bank robber, master of disguise, spy stories. . .That's the biggest appeal for me in this. You handled it really well and it's a LOT of fun.

    1. I agree with you .. and I'm still not sure how I pulled that story out of the photo!

  2. Sure go one way and I'll go another! Even if you point me out who'll believe you!

    I love this one Dee!

  3. The first lines of an old ELO song spring to mind:
    "A penny in your pocket
    Suitcase in your hand
    They wont get you very far
    Now you're a 21st century man."
    It seems that the man doesn't have Penny in his pocket, and he still won't get very far. Great cap.

    This is actually the first time I saw the video to the song, But I heard the song countless times after one of my sisters bought their album "Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap". Great song to a great cap.

    1. Well, it was more of a tribute to AC/DC, because there are rumors that Malcolm Young is in poor health, and that they might all retire. I'm hoping that isn't true!