Thursday, April 10, 2014

Carousel of ... Roosters? and the DIY results!

This caption is brought to you by Colonel Saunders!

Made this one the other day. I saw the picture and figured, "How could I NOT use this picture? It should literally write itself!" so I put it in a caption setting and attacked it again last night. Not quite sure why I went with a Dad and his brother angle, other than perhaps being a teenage girl might be more humiliating to an older guy than a young one. I mean, other than having your manhood taken away by an ex-girlfriend, having your daughter do it is probably sitting there in second place on the "emasculation list" I would think.

On to the DIY results!

Kaaren had just the right amount of text to make it readable and just what I expected her to come up with. As you'll see with the rest of the captions, I had trouble finding font colors that worked well and didn't overwhelm the picture.

I am sorry Helena, but I had to edit some of what you posted, which was absolutely beautiful. I cut out most of a paragraph and reordered some of it, but I HOPE that I was able to still put the bulk of what you wrote out enough to portray what you wanted.

And here is Helena's second submission. In this one, I think she lets the dialog breath and makes the picture do most of the talking, to great effect!

Certainly cranked out a lot of words for me to put in there! I did a bit of editing there so it would all make sense as you were reading it as if an announcer was saying it on a prologue.

Hope everyone had fun writing up another DIY challenge. I should have something again for everyone to work on soon enough. Should it be harder, or a bit of a softball?


  1. Dee, thank you so much I really liked the way you put it together...this was so fun to do I look forward to the next one!!!
    And truth be told I'd love to see the next episode of Barkley Drive!!!!

  2. a fun caption from you Dee and great D I Y from kaaren and Helena. thanks for persevering with mine

  3. Great cap, I've seen some pictures of girls on a carousel, and thought there would be a cap in it. Somehow I got focused on the carousel as the means for transformation, and somehow it didn't add up. I now see why.

    I look forward to your next one as well Kaaren.
    And Ian, You definitely made me curious about the series.

    You did a great job editing. In another setting I might have kept the paragraph that was edited out, but to be honest, I think my entry gained a lot from it that it is left out.
    It is an excellent example of the quote I have in my Haven profile: "To write is to erase, what remains is writing." (Godfried Bomans)
    So don't be sorry, be proud!

    Reading it back, my second entry can stand on its own, but I do like it as a follow up for My DIY entry from February 18.

    I don't mind a little more of a challenge, but I think it would be harder to find something that's either hard, or softball. For me this one was softball, but the one from February was out of my comfort zone, therefore a lot harder. For someone else it may be the other way around.

    1. Well, it is why I pruned what I pruned from it, and added some things back and rearranged them. Glad you thought I did justice to what you wrote.