Wednesday, April 2, 2014

At Least You Aren't in a Laundrymat!

I think I'd been reading too many french maid stories!

Get your hot steaming caption, fresh from the oven! Made this one in the afternoon and figured I'd post it now while its warm and juicy. I wasn't planning on making a caption today, as I figured I'd just wander around some amateur sites and see what could turn me on. I enjoy this model, since she's short, chubby, well-endowed, lots of long flowing hair down to her ass, and usually well dressed. This time however, she is in comfy hang-around clothing and carrying a laundry basket while touching her boobs. How could I *NOT* use this picture in a caption?

I caught a "french" maid story the other day about a girl that ends up changing her female roommate into an actual French maid who only talks in the language of love, and wears skimpy outfits blah blah blah and that whole, "guys who live together in a messy apartment so they want/need a maid, etc .." presented itself to me here.

Why is this one different that so many of the others that have been produced over the years? Well, not much exactly, other than perhaps I am tying the chores to sexual pleasure AND hopefully that crass wordplay at the very end? in the long run, does it matter? I am taking what the picture gave me and having some fun while doing it by just SLIGHTLY twisting the premise. Her outfit is pretty much the antithesis of what French Maid captions usually entail and for me, makes it seem more real.

And truly, I don't care if you NEVER wanted to be a girl in the slightest .. you would most definitely enjoy playing around with your boobies and other new parts. At least you'd have THAT big of joy going for you, and oftentimes I think we forget about that when writing. There is no shame in admitting that .. unless it embarrasses you to tell others just WHO you were fantasizing about when you achieved your first (or tenth) female orgasm!

Another huge month here on the blog, with another record setting amount of page views. Almost made 150k in March! Thanks again for stopping by and looking at my creative work. See you again in a day or two with another caption!

Anyone of those babes can dust my credenza anytime!


  1. Great post Dee, Loved the mental part of the spell. Ha Ha. >:)

  2. who can resist maids being or watching:)

  3. Ha, I believe the big loads will cause more big loads.