Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Red Heads Don't Pay Attention ... Right? Huh?

Oh well, Caitlyn seems to have a handle on the situation!

Made this one a few years ago for my dear friend, Caitlyn. I believe the model is Bianca B.and I approve when models show that they care about hygiene and being as clean as a whistle! As a note, its a multi-part body suit and Calvin apparently was wearing crotchless panties!

Be careful taking your kids to see Frozen by Disney. Apparently there are people out there that believe its a way for society to indoctrinate children to the gay lifestyle through a relatively charming animated feature film. Believe me, knowing how boys can be as teenagers, I was trying my damnedest to influence my daughter to be a lesbian, but she kept falling for guys! She only dated one girl and that lasted just a few weeks. I mean, how can she go against her parents wishes and be attracted to members of the opposite sex! I guess she was just born that way and there is nothing I can do to influence her sexual social behaviors. Live and learn!

Besides, like that would really work. I watched Bosom Buddies in syndication all the time, went to see Rocky Horror Picture Show every weekend at Midnight, loved "To Wong Fu" and thought Eddie Izzard was quite charming .. and look how I turned out! These people need to really get a clue!

For the desert island series, I sort of tied it into the caption .. a redhead that I was massively in love with in the early 90's. She was friends with Trent Reznor and hung out with Neil Gaiman, even having a character in Sandman based on her. Come to find out, she's quite the flake, but damn was she cute back in the day. To me, this disc is much more tolerable than anything Sarah McGlaughlin has ever put out, and one of the only Lilith Faire generation of female acts I seem to still care about. There is much depth here, and the lyrics were poetic for their time period, especially on the pop charts where she scored a few hits. Beyond those, the mood goes from playful ("Happy Phantom") to downright harrowing / chilling ("Me and a Gun") and sometimes its good to wear your emotions on your sleeve. And if you see her perform, her gyrations are pretty much masturbatory, a sexual release where the piano stool is the female equivalent of the predatory, phallic lead guitar.

Well, I figured I would change things up a bit with the last two CD's. I mean, I have a ton of punk and metal CD's but I'd like to show I'm more than just that .. plus I don't want people to tune out before I'm done cataloging all my favorites!


  1. Great cap Dee! I remember getting this and loving the theme of 'Yeah Yeah Yeah... gimme a minute to enjoy my new self!"

    If it wasn't so sad and despicable, I would find it hilarious how various bigoted groups seem to do nothing other than look for ways that "the gays" are trying to further their movement or recruit new members.

    An interesting CD, and one that I wouldn't have expected from you. Given some thought, it makes sense. Tori Amos sings well and is a good performer... I just don't think I ever heard this and thought to myself "Wow.. this is SO a Dee CD".

  2. MY younger brother was the tori Amos fan so know the album well, my pick of female singers / album
    got to be Kristin Hersh hips and makers though Kate Bush , the kick inside a close back up.

  3. Funny caption.
    In my opinion, Bianca's best features are her eyes. There are not many who have a look in their eyes that's cute, naughty and playful at the same time.

    Well you may have failed with your daughter, but if she gets kids of her own you can introduce them to Granny Dee. Maybe there is a little Dee amongst them for you, to teach her all you know.
    I have now in my head the image of an elder gothic grande dame with a little goth girl on her lap, enjoying homemade apple pie. I wish my drawing skills were good enough to create that picture.

    When I heard Tori Amos the first time I thought: "here's a Kate Bush wannabee." But when I heard more of her I had to admit, there's a difference between that, and an artist who is influenced by someone, but who's work can stand on its own.
    Still, if I had to choose between this album and "The Kick inside" from Kate Bush. I'd choose Kate. Not because her album is better. Over all "Little Earthquakes" is even be better than "The Kick Inside." But "The Kick Inside" has very fond memories to me, but also the memory of a friend who passed away way to young.

    I agree with you, sometimes it's good to wear your emotions on your sleeve. Good music is emotion, sometimes the emotions attached come from the music, sometimes the emotions from real life attach themselves to the music, adding immensely to the value of the song.