Saturday, March 8, 2014

Don't Let Ms. Mentia Find You Leaving the School Grounds!

Sneaking out or sneaking in? That sounds like a caption I haven't written yet!

I wanted to write a "clean caption" for Courtney Captisa, of Courtney's Clean Caps fame. I used one cuss word and only referred to a boners in a passing way, though I guess it could be read that she needed to get him to cum in his pants, or whatever idea your dirty little minds can come up with! I was only going for a boner! Its such a cute picture and I wanted to give it a cute story to go with it, as if it was specifically written for her website. Hell, if she wants, she can post it there if the site has a dry spell of postings from her and her collaborators.

If this caption seems to be a bit like the last one, well, yes, it has the same topic of boarding schools. Sometimes, you can get into a frame of mind in writing up a story, that it ends up giving you other ideas based on the same topic. I had just finished "A Bad Seed Makes for  Fertile Garden" when I thought to myself, "What if someone that was enrolled there tried to escape?" I tried to think about that old TV show, Facts of Life, and the stunts that they would pull. From there I figured it might be more of a twist if I played off everyone thinking that the girl was trying to escape, when actually she was trying to fit in more with other students that were further along. Its always easier to try to fit in than trying to buck the system, especially when you know what the penalties are. Sink further into femininity through forced means, or at least try to do it on your own terms.

That was the basics of the idea, and I went hunting for a photo to fit what I was trying to write. Once I found this image, I let the details of it color the story. With a curtsey, an iron and stone wall behind her, and some shade, it definitely had what I needed to flesh out the story in my head, without having to whitewash any of the pictures elements away. It was good enough that I probably would've come up with the same story if I had the picture saved first.

I had a little discussion about this caption the other day with Simone. I wondered if she ever felt like it was being lazy a bit when we write a caption, and just sort of keep the setting the same, and write a different version of the same story. I understand that it does have major differences (the mother is the magic user in the "Bad Seed" caption, not sure if magic was used or more normal techniques in this one, etc ..) but it still "feels" the same in some ways. I guess you could say I was being efficient, getting two captions from the same general idea, but does that take something away from both captions, or either the first or the second .. when you sort of use the same starting point in the creativity portion of the work? We never really came up with a definitive answer, and I'm not sure if I know the answer with any sort of authority. So, what do you think?


  1. Oh, and by the way, awesome video!!!

  2. I think its quite often the way that one idea bounces of another no harm in that.
    liked the video, great poodle perms.

  3. Nice cap!

    I don't think it's lazy to write caps inspired immediately by a recently finished cap. Often you'll still be in that mindset and can continue to create great original caps along the same vein. The only time you'll really notice the similarity is upon immediate postings. After a week or so, you simply have two wonderful caps.

  4. How annoying for miss Mentia, to have girls around who like their new life:)

    I have to agree with Caitlyn, and I was asking myself the same question, a cap I posted recently has, to me anyway, large similarities to one that's in the making. But there's enough in both to be different caps (I hope.)
    Actually, I started on the unfinished cap before the finished on, but got stuck with it, while I wrote the finished one in one take. It simply flowed. But I do know now how I want to finish the other.
    Getting stuck on a caption happened to me before. I was wondering does it happen to you, and if, how do you deal with it?
    I already found out, if I keep trying too hard, nothing comes out, to a point it affects other works in progress.

    1. I have some in various stages of completion. Usually I let them stay in the folder until I come across them again. Sometimes its the next day, and other times, a few months or more. Worst case scenario, is I can post the setting as a DIY caption challenge and see if anyone else can whip something up for it!

      It does happen though, and its a price for being creative. When I was actively in a recording band, I had a folder with lots of songs I started but never finished. I'd look through them often to see if there was a seed for something else to use as a starting point for something else or a turn of phrase that would work in the current project I was working on.