Sunday, March 30, 2014

Come Back Here With My ... and a resolution to an old DIY!

Dammit! Somebody stop her!

Had a pretty creative weekend where I whipped up a few captions I consider high quality. Its amazing what you can do when you are just sitting around the house with no one around, no pressure, and the peace of mind that if you make nothing extra-ordinary, you are still having a nice quiet day!

I am hoping to stay in the groove moving forward. March has been quite a grind for me, truth be told, with lots happening emotionally, weather and health wise, and in work and side jobs. I've had to do some repairs on a few computers for paying customers, did income taxes for a number of individuals after work (and not even MINE yet! EESSH!) and March being such a dark time of the year .. all those things have kept me from really stretching creatively like I usually do.

The caption above is finally complete after only maybe ummm, six years of having that picture saved in my d'archives. It always seemed like such a slam dunk that I never placed it in a caption setting and when I came across it today, I almost turned it into a DIY challenge. Why hadn't I used it before? I'd hate to say that a trade partner looked like the guy in the background before the body swap. Maybe some of you do resemble that man, but for me, I would prefer that my thoughts about you are all as a handsome, attractive guy that is in their late 20's to mid 40's. Your mileage may vary, but regardless of what you look like, I am going to keep my imagination hot and spicy!

And speaking of DIY and brain farts, I totally had forgotten that Helena had sent in a DIY blurb for the last challenge I posted over a month ago. I knew that Ian had done something, but I didn't quite want to end it with only one submission .. then I checked the replies to my last post and was reminded that Helena HAD in fact sent something to me through email! So sorry for taking so much time when there needn't have been such a delay!

First up is Ian's scenario. Both of these were a bit hard to map out since you have to read back and forth for them to work. I think that if you've read comic books before, you can probably keep up though and figure out how the dialog flows from one person to another.

Quite a little tale that Ian worked up that unfolds nicely as you are reading it, and I love the lack of clarity in their thinking that keeps the competition going between them.

Helena works on a classic tale of boys spying on girls and their forbidden flesh, getting caught and punished. What fun! Its certainly much more fun to watch than when Ms. Ballbricker nabbed the guys from Porky's in the shower scene.
Great job! Hopefully the next time we run a DIY we'll get even more people trying! And that next time will be in the next post! So stay tuned! It will hopefully be a hot one!

Hmmm, why did I pick this song? Is it too predictable? LOL


  1. thanks Dee was not sure caption would work but re reading it I am quite pleased with it now. love your caption Helena had a good chuckle at that one.
    love your caption Dee and what lovely legs he now has.

    1. Yeah, I agree. When I was going back to place the text in the caption setting, I was like .. hmmm, perhaps the spots where the text go are too far apart? Let's see how that works. It came out perfectly acceptable though. What really helped was both of you assigning text to a (girl 1) and (girl 2) so I knew who was saying what dialog.

  2. Unless voluntary, or temporary, body swapping is usually not my thing. You did a great job however, so I'm going to assume the guy is just taking the girl's body for a "test drive" and return the body to the girl. This is one of the reasons why I like your vagueness and open endings.

    I simply assumed you didn't think my entry was that good, or I might have reminded you sooner. Like I said in my mail: "Here's my DIY entry. I'm not really satisfied with it, it simply doesn't feel right with the picture, [...]
    So I leave it up to you if you want to post it or not. "
    I'm glad you and Ian liked it. Maybe I was a harder on myself than necessary:)

    I was convinced Ian's entry would work out great, it even came out better than expected. Great job.