Monday, February 24, 2014

Trying to Wrap Your Mind Around .. Your Waist!

I made up the title when posting it to Felicia, and it seemed to work for it!

Honestly, I really like this one a lot, but its sort of built on a non sequitur that seems like something that would've been written for Burns and Allen back in the 1950's. I had the photo set up in the caption setting and I was feeling a, "I have a headache" vibe from it, so I just played around with some dialog in my head that got me to where the new mother was going to dress him in a corset.

Somewhere around a minute of dialog later, I thought, "but she's already wearing one in the picture, and I don't want the picture to be AFTER the step-mom put it on her, as she has the headache already!" and I answered it with my bimbo Dee-Dee voice, "she's going to get her a tighter one silly!"

Usually she isn't that logical, but she had a point. The step-mom was going to get her into a tighter corset and make her even more feminine no matter what Felicia said. She just punctuated it with a punchline. Something tells me that Felicia will better understand her thought processes much easier the more time she spends as her daughter.

Its also more fun to read the mother's voice as Natasha's from Rocky and Bullwinkle.


  1. I am a chronic migraine sufferer she well have to let me know if this cure works. maybe it well force more blood to the head?

  2. Its an interesting dichotomy here in that I expected more comments here and not so much in the Haven, and actually its been the exact opposite. Then again, this has gotten more views than anything else in the last 10 days or so.

  3. I probably would have commented sooner on this great cap, but I was a bit under the weather.
    for the last week I've only been lurking, and couldn't concentrate, but no headache.
    Every muscle hurt, but not enough to call in sick.
    I wonder if it is the lack of winter we have here, or if one of the Havenettes tried a spell that didn't work:)