Sunday, February 23, 2014

Not Just Outlaws Use Guns! .. and new DIY contest!

Just a little something I whipped up for the blog.

Hope everyone is having a safe and healthy weekend. We are feeling a bit under the weather, but still hanging in there. Its nice that we haven't seen snow in at least 4 days or so, and won't get hit with anymore until this Wednesday. Goddess bless for small miracles!

Hope you enjoy the blog exclusive caption I made specifically for the blog. I knew that it wouldn't be for a specific person so I was able to throw in a few little curves to keep it interesting. Be sure to comment below if you like it, or if you don't, tell me why you didn't like it!

I have a question about the DIY's that I've been running. I am glad that I have people interested in writing things up and I hope my efforts inspire them to try to make their own someday. I had one in a caption setting that I actually think might be a bit too hard (or odd) to get people to write something for it, and I don't want to have one where nobody posts for it.

So my question would be ... do you like the way they are set up now and what changes, if any, would you suggest? Do you want big challenges, or just something semi-basic that jogs a story out of you?

For now, I give you something simpler, and due to having the text be ON the picture, you needed come up with gobs and gobs of words. A few sentences of dialog from each blonde, or 5-6 sentences of story should suffice! if you do want them to have dialog, mark it up like "LEFT BLONDE: what is going on here? RIGHT BLONDE: How am I supposed to know? YOU bought the spell!" so I know how to place what you wrote on the picture.

Of course, you are welcome to put your own text on it if you'd like, as Kaitlyn did for the last DIY contest we did. We are all pretty flexible here!

RIP Bob Casale. You will be missed in the music world!


  1. love the caption good dialogue and as always something to build your own story around.
    as for the DIY well I like a challenge not that the results might be any good but I am intrigued now.
    If the aim is to encourage new captioners then I think a less taxing photo would be better. if you want something for your own entertainment then I think you would like the harder ones? I guess the best thing would be to mix it up a bit.
    Thanks for Devo I had not heard of Bob Casales passing till now.

  2. Great caption, I like the twist at the end.

    I have an idea for this DIY, but it won't really surface at this point. I'll get back on this one

    I like your DIY as it is. The fun part for me is, part of the pictures you use are pictures I probably wouldn't choose myself. The previous one was way out of my comfort zone, but I learn from it. I learn to keep my options open, learn to feel the story and let it flow.
    Another thing I noticed, a picture can be easy to cap for one capper but a real challenge for another capper. With the next picture, the situation could be reversed.

  3. So, keep it the way it is going so far?

    Do you think I should include a deadline of when people should get their submissions in? I should give people 7 days I would think but at some point I have to cut it off if no one makes anything.

    1. Me, I'm fine the way it is. Although I am curious about changes you have in mind.
      Deadline? Oops that reminds me, I have an idea, but forgot to do something with it.
      Unless you want a deadline for this one already I´ll send it to you after a few hours of sleep.
      A deadline might be a good idea, some people work better under pressure. Although a target date might be better, it sounds less final than a deadline, so someone who is a little late for whatever reason is more likely to submit if the date passed.

  4. D I Y CAP
    Girl 1 (g1)Humff
    g2 huff
    g1 I am going to be Cindy's boy friend not you
    g2 no I am going to win this competition, she loves me best.
    g1 like no way, she said I did the best job with all the house work...
    g2 but she said my maids uniform was cute an a great idea.
    g1 well I was the first to attend school in the girls uniform, she loved that. you just copied.
    g2 erm well... well I am getting that job as a waitress this summer to pay for that cruise for her and Brad.
    g1 we then I am getting a job at the strip club and well earn even more for them.
    g2 well Brad said I give the best blow job
    g1 yes but he said my arse was tighter
    g2 poor Brad he is going to look such a fool when Cindy drops him for one of us.
    g1 yes bet he well wish he could compete for her affections like we are she says
    its so hard to choose between us it could take years for her to decide.

    hi Dee finally came up with something not sure that it well fit the box though