Tuesday, February 18, 2014

A mirror from SRU .. what could possibly go wrong? and DIY results!

I see a wonderful night at the bar for you in the looking glass!

Made this one for Lyndee's birthday a few years ago. It was a bit of a quickie, but I think it came together really well. I wrote it as a phone message on voice mail. Perhaps Chase should have listened to his messages BEFORE he unwrapped his package, and ow I have a feeling that Lyndee will now be wrapping her friend's package while wearing her new birthday suit.

Its pretty vague about the change, and its another thing I like about it. Those who like a permanent change can imagine that she's stuck like that. Others may think it only works on his birthday, or maybe when he's horny. No matter what, she's blowing something out for her birthday!

And now, onto the submissions for the DIY contest.

First up is Kaitlyn, who submitted this to me in my actual caption trade folder. I enjoy the humor she brings, and its probably about as lighthearted as could be pulled from a photo like this.

.. and then on the other end of the scale is this one from Helena, which is as playful AND as sinister as you can get from the source material .. and I am proud of her since I seem to be rubbing off on her personality wise! LOL I mean, the girl WAS kidding, right? No matter what, I guess you could call this a pre-TG caption moment in time!

This one I like because its sparse word wise, but does much to hopefully invoke your imagination as to what made Trisha that way. I think we all have a good idea, but it directs you towards the finish line but lets you draw your own conclusions.

I didn't think this caption would be that easy, and everyone still really knocked it out of the park. I will have something new on the DIY front within a few days. I have a couple to choose from, and one of them I do have an idea for, but just hadn't had the time to work with it, so it might be fun to see what other ideas people may come up with, since it definitely isn't a standard photo shot!

Girl you're my reflection, all I see is you. My reflection, in everything I do.


  1. Thank you I am glad you enjoyed my effort. I had toyed with all sorts of long plots but was not happy with them.
    then it was a case of OMG I've got to get something in tonight so just went into comment's and come up with it there and then. guess there is a time and place to go with the flow.

  2. Lovely cap you made for Lyndee. I like to think some of Chase's birthday luck rubs of on his friend, just not in the way his friend hopes. Either there will be two girls who can't keep their hands of each other, or there will be two girls getting laid.

    Okay, I get the song "Mirrors" but I didn't take you for a Timberlake fan:) I might have expected Sally Oldfield's "Mirrors," or someone totally different. But I admit, while I'm not a fan of Justin Timberlake's singing, I've seen him acting. He is a decent actor.

    Even though the picture is outside my comfort zone, that doesn't mean I can't appreciate a good caption around it, and I can only agree with what you say about Kaitlyn and Ian's captions. both in their own way are great captions
    I'm blushing at your praise, this is actually one of the few times I wrote something without editing too much.
    I won't reveal if the girl is serious or not. I believe not knowing is part of the appeal.
    The phrase "Well, I could simply cut it off." with the image of the guy jumping through the window, running like Hell. Were the first things that popped into my head. With all the people being transformed there have to be at least a few who get away. That seemed like a good point to work from to get to the end. And when I got there, I had the newsflash. It somehow seemed to fit.
    "Pre-TG caption." Love it, but does this count as a TG cap, or did I think too far outside the box for that?

    Your next DIY not a standard photo shot? I like the sound of that!