Friday, January 3, 2014

Out shoveling for Leeanne!

First post of 2014, but not the first one I've made in 2014!

Wanted to start off the year with a bang, and while I ended up making a few captions that will be blog exclusives, none of them had that IT FACTOR that this one does, at least in my mind.

The idea is something that I fleshed out of a comment I made to Leanne's page where I made some flippant remark about a picture she posted here and then followed up with what I thought was a throwaway line. Here it is in total:
You'd think most people would be afraid of flying sentient panties!

Hope you found some alpha males to shovel out your driveway while you lounge around in a maid's outfit? You should be ready to make sure he doesn't get frostbite on his big cock! At that size, it should be considered an extremity!
That came about mostly because I'd spent the last 2 hours trying to dig out various cars from the 12 inches of snow we got over Thursday night. (For those out there interested, I was also wearing a "Tactical Heat Retention Garment" underneath my jeans, aka "women's tights" my roommate gave me as I couldn't find my Under Armour ... figured you'd get a kick out of that though it wasn't like I was wearing fishnet thigh-highs or anything! It was fun anyway though as I shook my butt at her and my girlfriend as they both laughed.) About an hour or two later, my mind came back to the comment though and I figured there was enough there for a caption for Leeanne.

Hence, a caption that spells our all the various benefits of being a cuckolded sissy. You can certainly learn a lot if you have an open mind. For instance, why spend 30 bucks on Under Armour Thermals ..

When you can buy Merona Ladie's Tights from Target for 8 bucks!

I should be around here and there over the weekend. Wild Card Football week is calling me though, with the lure of really cold weather games in Philly and Green Bay. Leave me a message about what you thought of the caption and what you'd like to see next!


  1. Guess who loves this?

    Big sissy kiss Dee!


    1. Well, since it was your blog that gave me the idea, it HAD to star you, didn't it?

      Glad you loved it!

  2. Hi Dee..nice caption
    This snow is getting just too much
    Happy New Year..

  3. HA! Fun cap Dee. I really like the underlying theme here of a sissy topping the alpha by having him go do the tasks she doesn't like while she's 'allowed' to do the tasks she loves.... cleaning up her wife and readying her wife's lover for another later round!

    When I went hunting in the cold, I bought a pair of Under Armour Thermals, but half way through the weekend I was wishing they were had footsie versions... next time I'll just get some pantyhose. Stay warm and feel fabulous!

    1. You definitely got the gist of what I was proposing.

      A man just thinks to himself, perhaps I'll buy a snow blower from Home Depot, hopefully one with lots of horsepower and torque. A sissy has his wife find a real man to do their driveway and take his wife for a spin later!