Monday, January 6, 2014

On the 12th Day of Christmas ... and DIY!

Oh Boy! Christmas leftovers!

Well, today is the 12th day of Christmas, aka Epiphany, which I believe is when supposed Wise Men came to visit a baby and thought frankincense and myrrh was an appropriate gift! Perhaps they'd have been better if the wise women would've went along for the ride, as not only they'd have give better gifts, they wouldn't have wandered around the desert for 12 days either!

Well, since we are wrapping up Christmas in a nice little bow, here is the one entry we had for our DIY promotion dealing with Christmas .. submitted by Ian.

Well, here is a new DIY for people to work on. I hope that perhaps one of your New Year's Resolutions was to start taking part in these interactive events I am running!

Hope this gets your creative juices flowing!

PS. Thank you so much for visiting last night and today. I actually hit over 8k views in one day for the first time EVER! Not sure why but it certainly made my day when I got home from work!


  1. Like a fine ham sandwich on December 26th, that is a fine leftover cap Dee! It's funny how a song like that can work while only tweaking a few key lyrics!

    I hope more people join in on your DIY projects. I think they're a lot of fun. Especially when there are multiple takes on the photo. In fact, I got this idea as soon as I saw it, and it fits perfectly here as it's kind of an homage to one of your favorites from last year:

    Umm, Jeremy? He's taking our picture again.


    It's going to change us again.


    The first time we changed to women.


    The next time it made us... like less smarter.


    If he does it again we probably won't remember being men at all.


    So... why aren't you stopping him?


    Are you starting to like this?


    Yeah Dee Dee. Yeah.

  2. yes Christmas all over and back to work for the long haul to Easter :(
    I am not sure the wise women would help " Sorry when I said left at that sand dune I meant right".

  3. In that DIY cap the one on the left looks like Dany from Game of Thrones. Or that could just be the effect of having watched the first two seasons of it in one massive glut since Christmas Day... Mind you, there may be a cap idea lurking there, but I am too tired to tease that one out tonight. I shall try to pop back later and give it a go.

  4. I didn't know you are a fan of Mariah Carey;)

    Wendy made me a cap with the same picture. So this picture was the inspiration for two totally different great caps.

    Ha, I doubt Santa misunderstood Tammy's Christmas wish. He probably wanted to have some fun.

    When I get more time on my hands, I may want to try experimenting with my own layout again. For now I let you do the hard work.
    My DIY submission:
    What's the matter Helly?

    Well, when I went to miss Hextus, I asked her if I could become more like Damien is right now, physically that is.
    I thought I would become more fit, stronger, and all that. Him playing hockey, baseball and football on a high level. All three just one step away from being a pro.
    Look at me now. Usually Felicia comes through with her magic, but this time?
    I don't know what happened.

    Thee-hee, you didn't know?


    Dawn was at it again. She turned me from Damien into Dee Dee.

  5. hi Dee a DIY for you, had a bit of trouble thinking of something this time but here's a bit of fun I hope

    professors Barrie and fox had been closeted in there lab at cern for years, they were woefully un prepared when their experiment blew them through space and reality to end up as in a Boston bar and in the bodies of two bar bimbos. with no cash or id they knew they would have to find work asap to pay for a trip back to the lab before there dwindling brain power overtook them.
    Gee professor foxie we are in luck I told that cute guy at the bar we are quantum physicists looking for work. he said to come back later, he's know some guys who know all about big bangs and big black loving hoes sucking things in,
    He must mean black holes Babs . Gosh he is so cute and brainy

    (sorry this might be a bit long feel free to edit lol.)