Sunday, December 29, 2013

Dee's Top 10 (or so) Favorite Captions of 2013! Part One!

I'm much more interesting than Ryan Seacrest!

I wanted to go through all my captions that I made in 2013, and pick out my favorite TEN captions of the year, and possibly explain WHY I liked them so much. Time often gives us a bit of perspective and maybe a few fell between the cracks and I like them more now than when I made them. Others were favorites of mine from the get go! Lets see how my favorites lined up with yours!

There is no particular order to these Top 10 since I'm just going to grab them as I go along.

I really love the simplicity of this caption. Its based on a silly bit of unlucky fate, linked only by the newly female protagonist repeating the same thing over and over again. I think that I might be reticent to speak if I was in that situation, especially with a new voice saying whatever words that I was trying to get out. To me, its a fun and jovial caption with a great mood.

I really love the writing here and its got a twist I don't think people are really expecting. Its got the right amount of humiliation from the wife, and the ending is such a happy one, don't you agree? Add that story to a wonderful picture of Sarina, and what more could you ask for?

I KNOW that this one fell between the cracks during the doldrums of late winter, but I just LOVE the little zinger at the end, where of all the things that happened, THAT is what she thinks is strange. It sort of comes out of left field when you are reading it, then doubles back on itself to question why you didn't really question what was said before too much. I guess its a "suspension of disbelief" revocation in caption format. Also, a slight peek into my unfiltered mind unburdened by trading caption preference demands.

Two reasons I love this one. The first would be that it just might be the one I worked the hardest on, with quite a bit of design effort in trying to get it just right. I don't usually construct captions in such a way where the design is an integral part of the whole caption, but this one shows that I CAN do it if I am motivated .. and that leads to the second reason. I made it for Steffie, and if anyone deserves my time and effort in doing the best I can, its Steffie. Hands down, I don't think there is anyone out there that can just overwhelm you with both a story and the packaging that surrounds it like Steffie. Its just a whole different level than anything else out there in Transgender captions or storytelling.

Can you tell I LOVE to make TG silly captions? This one JUST barely beat out another Meta-caption I made for Kyra Hyde called "... For a Havenette to br Named Later" which was made right around the same time as this one. I love captions where I can reference the very existence of TG captions and those who create them. Its all done with a knowing wink and a nod, and what makes this even better is that it contains some of my most fresh and hilarious banter between two people that I've ever made and I am usually pretty good at dialog.

This ends part one, but here are two honorable mentions of captions that involve ME more than my usual caption appearances. I could be considered the "star" of these two!

"Dementia and the Skull-Fuckers From Hell" is my favorite band name from 2013. Hopefully you will see us coming to YOUR town in 2014!

What is your favorite of the ones I've posted so far?


  1. I always find it hard to say one cap or another is my 'favorite' as they all speak to different interests. But if I can only pick one out of these fine captions I'd have to say that it's the one with the hoodie. I think you absolutely nailed the narrative and voice. I can just hear a quiet hesitant 'uh-huh' each time I read it.

    And incredibly close second would be the one for Steffie. I just love it when you pull your creative muscles out and that design is top notch!

  2. think I must have the memory of a goldfish with Alzheimer's so nice to see these again.