Wednesday, December 11, 2013

A mASSive Turn-on! DIY Results Too!

Look out! That booty is about to explode!

Made this one for Jeannie, who in her preferences, mentioned that she wouldn't mind, "Becoming a girl with a great ass," and didn't mind a cultural change. I was surfing the web for nothing in particular when I came across a photo set from this hot lady, and the idea took shape .. as did that thick luscious backside. Its a pretty standard caption, and the only thing that could even be counted as somewhat original is tying in a "the hornier you are, the curvier you get" which leads to the magical garment becoming ripped and trapping him. I think in this case, I really couldn't fuck this up too badly, and just let the words enhance the visuals.

I mentioned in Simone's blog in regards to the PSA captions we all made, that our captions will probably garner some comments, and most likely less than half of the usual page hits. Sad to say that on this end at least, I was very prescient. Compared to the Smurfs caption, which has zero comments so far, the PSA caption has about 45 percent less views .. and complete page views dropped by 50 percent as well, even though there was a "new" caption (aka less than 24 hours) for people to see.

What does this mean? People loved the "cleverness" of the pop culture references (as pertaining to the comments and others, including Courtney of Courtney's Clean Caps making their own) but most people don't give a damn .. and that is fine with me. It was definitely made more for my captioning "sisters in arms" so to speak and to give myself a big chuckle. It succeeded in spades for both and my creative fulfillment was satisfied.

We only had one entry in the DIY from last week .. from Ian.

And luckily for us, it's a pretty good one too! Would love to see some more people submitting!

There is the next DIY project for you to tackle! Just whipped it up good and fresh!

How many times do you get to see David Gilmour play a bass solo?


  1. Good solid cap Dee!

    It's hard for me to judge how much attention my PSA cap actually garnered on its own. With my sporadic posting almost all of my caps get a big initial page-view payoff. But it certainly did get quite a few comments! I agree with you though... it could have ended up with a couple dozen page views and I'd still think of it as a success as I made it more for myself and my capping sisters, rather than the cap viewing public at large.

  2. I hope you don't mind me sneaking into your DIY fun, but your image choice this time gave me a quick fun idea:


    Sure, I loved that that gypsy woman changed me from a weak man into a sexy woman, but maybe I was getting greedy in asking for an extension. To her credit she did try to warn me by saying that she could only offer a nine month increase. I probably shouldn't have cut her off and listened to why it had to be nine months.

    Now these cute breasts are going to be more than a decorative enhancement. Now I have to contemplate painting the spare room blue or pink. Now I have to buy even more clothes... and no LBDs this time.

    I wonder... will I relate better if it's a boy? Or a girl?

  3. thanks for putting my caption up. I well have a crack at the new one soon.
    I liked the psa one have got a few images together to make one also this week end.
    I wonder if the lack of hits is because the references are usa based ?
    but as you say it makes you happy and that's good enough for me.

  4. I think the PSA-style captions appeal more to the creators of captions than to the general public. The draw is more the creative challenge---making it look the part of a real ad---than the content itself.


    1. I agree with that, and its another reason why I didn't mind that this one still hasn't received 1k in page views yet. I think a total of 5 or 5 bloggers took up the challenge of making one. When peers like something, it makes me feel even better about the work I put into it.

  5. DIY caption Mark pulled the cushion across his lap to distract himself from the tiny limp dicklet there'
    he could hear his ex wife and her bff talking about all the real men they hoped to meet tonight at the bar.
    He wished he had been kept oblivious and under the hypnotic influence. he knew they were talking aloud
    to rub in his impotence and their cruel amusement,

    sorry Dee left it late ok I forgot so made this up just now but hope it might do.