Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Taste the Rainbow! And a Black Friday Warning!

She cums in so many colors!

Made this one for a newbie on the Haven, Kate Southerland who likes being taken down a few pegs by way of her male character being a racist or misogynist. It was partially inspired by the wondrous antic of Toronto's favorite Mayor, Rob Ford. For some reason, I can picture him having lots of fun if somehow a gypsy cursed him into being a sexy, African American woman. He's just a combination of Chris Farley and John Belushi and a gift to the comedians of the world, although I think I'd be quite scared if he was the mayor of my town!

The picture just really POPS and so I needed to have a background that matched that panache. The title of the caption is exactly what I thought of when I saw the photo for the first time and that dress is entirely yummy, don't you think? I think the model does a good job of filling it out.

For those in the USA, Black Friday is coming upon us. Please be safe out there where lots of tired people may be lurking, and lets try to be courteous to our fellow man in the stores. In addition, make sure you are nice to the people working in the stores as they try to keep a horde of ultra-aggressive consumer wildebeests trample the capitalist landscape from destroying our planet. Those people probably make less than you do and have been working there since 2 AM that morning and have to pull a double shift. And more than anything, try not to shop at Spells R Us ... just saying!

Well there, I hope that everyone that is celebrating Thanksgiving Thursday has a safe and wonderful day with their family and/or friends. Should be around sometime either Thursday night or maybe Friday since I have Black Friday off. We'll see I guess!

and what Thanksgiving would be complete without the Muppets!

Apparently, there is a new special coming out .. they are now working with someone named Lady Gaga or something like that!


  1. love the image for that caption. I also love the idea of being inspired by Mr. Ford (who is been a comedy gem for Colbert and John Stewart). I always find it odd that when race changes, some stereo type prevail....

    1. I think we've had that conversation before, though not sure if its been in private or here on the blog.

      For me, I tend to let the stereotype come out as a "how the victim sees the minority" play out, hence if they were turned into a gay man, they'd be the most flamingly over-the-top interior decorator Paul Lynne / French Stewart on Will and Grace type person.That way, they are getting the exact justice they deserve, and hopefully can learn from their mistakes as they get to know others.

      Then again, the only stereotype I was using in my Black Friday caption was that women are bargain hunters and can't pass up a sale!

  2. Fun caps Dee!

    I know that Black Friday is a long standing (well over 30 years) tradition that we have no hope of crushing, but I'd like to toss my hat in the ring of pleading with everybody to stop Black Friday from creeping into Thanksgiving. Maybe it's just because I worked many years in retail and worked on Thanksgiving Day last year, but the amount of stores opening up on Thanksgiving for extra 'door buster' sales is bordering on insane.

    KMart this year is opening up (already opened up?) at 6AM on Thanksgiving and staying open for 41 hours straight. I've always felt sorry for the guy that has to work at the 7-Eleven on Thanksgiving, and felt a well of pride and respect for all the first responders who spend the holiday away from their families on the holiday. But now there are hordes of people dragged away from their families just to feed into our consumerism, capitalism and greed.

    You know what... if you want to go out and spend the dark wee hours of 'Black Friday' fighting other deal crazed maniacs for the chance to buy one of ten televisions or tablets priced at eye gobbing prices, then by all means go for it. It's not as though the mightily underpaid retail workers didn't know that their job wouldn't include mob duty on that holiest of holy shopping day. But let's spare these near minimum wage workers the indignity of spending a holiday that supposedly celebrates family and thankfulness away from their loved ones.


    1. I don't particularly mind it when its after 8 PM on Thanksgiving, as my family is pretty much done by 5-6 PM with the Thanksgiving festivities anyway. Plus, we have many cops and nurses, convenience store clerks and waitresses, etc .. that have been working holidays like Thanksgiving for years anyway ( I loved getting double time on my overnights at a mental health facility) that it didn't seem like a big difference.

      The irony of all this is that I live in a liberal area of the country, and we are one of 3 states that bans Walmart and those types of stores being open on Thanksgiving. Those three being Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Maine. Its those damn Godless Liberal Bastards that are upholding family traditions! Hell, we drove to a Dunkin Donuts that was closing at noon and reopening at 6 PM today so that all their workers could at least have dinner with their families AND of course get big tips from grateful caffeine addicts that needed coffee to be able to deal with their relatives!

  3. Love me some Drive By Truckers and Arlo Guthrie! Thanks for that special Thanksgiving treat Dee Dee. I hope you have a great Thanksgiving day. No Black Friday sales for me!!!!

    Hugs & kisses,