Sunday, November 24, 2013

Gwen's Chest is Tight with Anticipation . Or Maybe Its the Undergarment?

Truly a body shaper indeed!

Made this one a few years ago for Gwendolyn on the Haven, and I'm pretty sure it never made it up here on my blog. Really kind of hard at this point to know for complete sure since I'm almost at 500 posts and not everything is totally searchable.

Here is what I wrote at the end of the posting to her trading folder:
PS. I almost used this picture as some sort of "Bruce Wayne was turned into a woman" caption ... where the hell would anyone GET a corset like that? LOL
 I had a point I think. That outfit is definitely form-fitting to say the least and almost seems like body armor in a comic book movie! If you could use a garment to change your figure, I would that this would definitely do the trick.

I added a "Reaction" click box toward the bottom of each post, figuring perhaps if someone doesn't feel like commenting, but likes the post, they can at least register a "I LIKE IT!" kind of thing. If it doesn't prove popular, I can axe it but wanted to at least give it a try.

Looking forward to a short week at work since I have Thanksgiving Day off and I took Black Friday off as well. Its more work crammed into 3 days but it will be worth it for 4 days off in a row as its getting so close to the end of 2013 already! Time is flying by WAY too fast!

This song has nothing to do with the caption, other than the mention of the word FEAR and I'm a huge fan of this song, and it was stuck in my head all day for some reason!

DISCUSSION QUESTION: Anything you planned on doing this year that you still have on your list and hoping to get it done before time runs out on 2013? Anything exciting that DID happen to you this year that will make you look back on 2013 fondly?


  1. I actually used the same image in a caption once, but for a totally different story. however, I love your second idea you had for the image.

    1. How long ago did you use it? I would think I'd remember a picture like that! I hope I didn't rip it off somehow subconsciously!

    2. I'm sure it's at least two years ago. I did it as part of a three panel set.

  2. Wow! The idea that a corset would tighten with each breath taken in, so that you gradually helped self-create your new feminine form by the very act of living is an ultra-erotic image. Lovely Dee.



  3. corsets are so sexy. love the training /punishment hints in this one.
    I have been so strapped for cash this year really have not done anything fun for a while even had to miss hawkwind in concert just hoping my luck changes real soon.

  4. I am a sucker (ha) for corsets and this caption certainly pulls me in. Ahem.

    Anyway, yes, resolutions... I don't think I actually had any this year. I know that I would have liked to walk outside in my shoes more than I have done so far. So I guess that's still something I want to do. Also, I should like to get a decent top to go with my skirts and maybe get another dress. Not sure any of them have to be done by the end of the year. I would like to try relaxing en femme again and maybe supply my blog address to a friend who knows.

    What about yourself?

    1. I planned on getting healthy and possibly finally finishing my degree. Haven't made too much progress on either. If I can get the first part doing much better it would probably make the 2nd part easier as well.

  5. Great cap Dee! Using one of your subconscious actions (breathing) to transform you is lovely and wicked in equal measure. It not only would transform you when you least expect it, it would force you to concentrate on something you rarely think about and allow other transformations go less noticed. And I think you're right... that corset looks like it belongs to a superhero!

    I only had two goals for this year...get a job (YAY!) and quit smoking (Boo!). I still have time to work on the second, but I plan to focus my energies on other health related issues now that I have health insurance.