Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Friendship is Magnets .. Right Fluttershy?

My Little Ponies .. Insane Clown Posse .. its all the same, amirite?

Anywho, found this picture the other day and immediately put it into a caption setting for Kyra Hyde, figuring she'd like it. Wrote it up after work this evening and went to post it, and noticed that she hasn't been in the Haven in over 2 months. She also hasn't updated her blog in about that same amount of time. Anyone seen her around? I am not sure if I should be worried or not, since I haven't been on YIM in almost 2 months. If you are around Kyra Hyde, please drop in here or on the Haven and say hi to all of us! We miss you!

Of course, this is all in fun.  I don't cast aspersions on people who like My Little Pony. I have an adult female friend that is quite fond of them, and a male goth friend that likes Monsters High .. well at least the character's dolls. I am not sure if he's ever seen the show at all.

I added Emma Finn's blog to the list on the left hand side. She writes transformation stories, usually female to female, but it usually deals with a change in power, education, or social status. She's posted many stories to Fictionmania and she's been posted elsewhere, but she's back after a six year hiatus! You should check out her stories as they are quite good!

Fucking Magnets .. How do they work?

I am not a fan of ICP, but you have to appreciate the earnestness of this song, which is what makes it a sheer joy to see in a post-ironic world. Of course, many of the things they say aren't quite miracles, but maybe they actually got their fans to hit up wikipedia to see how all that shit does work!


  1. I have not yet seen or read Game of Thrones (I know, I know!) but I will someday. I am also apparently a lover of all things MLP:FiM because I am that kind of person.

    So, in conclusion, love the caption and SQUEEEEEEE! Much SQUEEEEEEE! at the second video clip (though I am impressed at the Insane Clown Posse, too, bless).

  2. I have never seen mlp sound like a mean bunch. nice photo and cap. when I saw Faust I thought it was going to be the German prog rock gods , boy was I disappointed.

  3. Firstly, and most importantly, while I have not spoken to Kyra since my abrupt "return", I have seen her online several times via the gmail "chat" pane... I never use that feature, and leave myself as "invisible" by default, so she didn't "see" me, but she is still around, seemingly.

    Secondly, very cute and funny cap, and I just ADORE the hair on your source model!

    As for liking things a bit "little girly".... I'm already on "record" as admitting to being somewhat of a Sailor Moon fan. Although in my defense, I became one AFTER they produced a live-action series with a bunch of 17-22 year-old hot Japanese girls tumbling around in leotards and micro-minis.....

    I've mentioned "My Little Pony" in at least one caption, as well as the Care Bears....And just for the final nail in my coffin, I'm wearing my "Monster High" jammies right now, a short-sleeve tunic top long enough to be worn as a dress, and matching leggings... They're the most comfy and warm "capping gear" that I own... I've never watched the show, but color me a fan of Draculaura :)

    If I "catch" Kyra online, I'll let her know about your caption, and your concern....


    1. LOL... Disregard, I see you "found" Kyra..... Sad news about Evie's Blog :(

  4. Saw one episode of my little pony because I had heard it had a lot of nerdy humor in it, But I really couldn't get into it. Although, having John de Lancie as a magical, reality altering dragon? Awesome. Almost makes me want to give the show another shot.

    Not a fan of ICP my self, but my brother is. So I've been exposed to quite a bit of their music. I've liked one or two, but mostly in the same way I like the occasional country song. Some times a song can just stand out and there's something redeemable. One example for ICP, a great guitar rift from slash. I do have to say, I enjoy the work they do for wrestlers. Loved hearing that they pulled a lot of money together for sabu, after years of putting his body on the line.

    1. I ended up watching the whole darn season of Series 1 after my children decided they liked it. Watch the opening two-parter of series 1 or the opening two-parter of series 2 to get into it.

      Like moss, it grows on you.