Thursday, October 31, 2013

Fake it 'til You Make it .. or Meet the Parents!

Sometimes you have to just go with the flow!

Made this one a few years ago for Sissytif. Its always hard meeting your girlfriend's parents for the first time. You have no idea if they are going to like you or not, and you don't want to blow it big time as it does put a strain on any romantic relationship if you don't have any allies within the family.

Making the parents some sort of magical wielders just amped up that nervously a few times, don't you think? Sort of like if you had to deal with Endora from Bewitched if you were living with Tabitha .. I imagine that poor thing had to vanish from sight to have any sort of normal romantic relationship!

Speaking of, sometimes its fun to be a side recipient of your own caption. The fact that I don't often reference the "Dee Dee" side of my preferences in my own captions made this one stand out for many of the original reviewers on the Haven. Petra noted:
*Giggle* I love it when DeeDee makes an appearance in your caps Dee. Picturing you as a man-hungry blonde bimbo always makes me giggle. It's so different from your normal self, but sometimes you gotta let your control slip and do what feels natural right? Grin

Great cap. This is a wonderful premise and I can't believe I haven't seen it before. Hooray for you!
Sarine thought it was interesting I went that route too.  I try to reference other captioners when I can, as it does give someone a sense of community, and also as sort of a reward for giving lots of comments or in appreciation of their work. Jessica had been gone for about a year at that point, and the other major blonde bimbo on the haven at the time was Dalene, who I think had gone away for a few months. With that, I didn't mind putting my bimbo character inside. I am sure that Dee Dee would love to be a beautician

I know this probably SHOULD be a Halloween posting, but it isn't quite Halloween here so I will hopefully be posting something Thursday night. Be sure to check out all the captions from the last week or so. Pretty much every one of them is brand new and a few of them are BLOG EXCLUSIVES so that means you've not seen them anywhere else!




  1. love that caption I think I would run if I knew those in-laws . I have done a few captions but never dared put myself in I guess it is because you are putting something out there for the world to see.

  2. Lovely cap Dee. I think I would slip up deliberately:)

    Ian, you are right. You expose a part of yourself if you put yourself in a cap. Yet in my very first cap I did just that and it was very personal. Still is. I posted it at the Haven for Elle (w8z2x4m). For me it worked liberating, and posting it there gave me the possibility to do so in a safe place. Among kindred spirits.
    Posting on the Haven also has the advantage of many helpful people, who can help with writing, style etc.