Saturday, September 14, 2013

So, We're Dealing with Wise Guys, Eh?

Annabelle got a new life .. whether she wanted it or not!

Made this for Annabelle, though I couldn't really figure out a way to include her name in it. I tried my best to make it in her style and "universe" so to speak. Here is what I posted in her folder:
I love to expand my palette and its always fun to try to work my way into your "family" universe whenever I can.

Also, this morning I tried something totally different, in that instead of writing to an already chosen picture, I would write the story first, then work on my visuals later. 99 percent of the time, I already have a photo picked out, so this was a good exercise for me .. and I ended up making 2-3 captions this way! WOOHOO!

Hope you enjoy!


PS. I hope that I haven't insulted anyone named Vito .. I really don't want to be wearing cement high heels!
As indicated above, I wanted to try something different, especially since I had a storyline for a caption (not this one, but another that will be posted soon) while laying in bed this morning. I made my way over to Microsoft Word and started writing down what I had so I wouldn't forget it. Once I had it written down as best I could, I figured, "why not try to make some more captions this way?" and write out a story ahead of time. I could always adapt the plot to fit in better with whatever picture I found that would work with what I had written.

My initial thought was to have someone vaguely remembering that they'd been a guy before, and someone would be there to talk them out of it. I wanted to make something for Annabelle and immediately I went to "Father and Son" and with the typical TG Captioner mindset, I went right to, "A wedding day is about the most feminine thing you can do!" and then, in a typical Dee moment of clarity, I spoke aloud, "You come to me, on this, the day of my daughter's wedding..." and WHAMMO we have something involving the mafia! Perhaps Annabelle's daughter's name is going to be Luka Brasi after she's betrothed? Who knew that the mob runs their own Witness Relocation Program so to speak! I have no idea if they used magic, surgery, technology, or whatever .. which I think should make it appeal to more people. Whatever it was, it took about a month or so for it to completely "take" though Annabelle still needs some more conditioning I think! Maybe one of the Don's out there is looking for a hot momma!

The only weird part about doing this was that I actually had to re-size the text to get it all to fit into my caption. The picture wasn't TOO hard to find .. just did a Google search on "mother daughter wedding" and weeded through a bunch of pictures until I found one that had a good looking enough mother and they both looked related (I edited it down to remove other people that weren't needed and focus on just Annabelle and her daughter.)  It was that I had written too much dialog to fit like it usually would, and I didn't really want to edit it down too much. The exposition was really needed to introduce what happened and set up the ending.

After making two captions this way, I went back to my usual method of making caps, but it was kind of fun to whip something up like this. Even more, it made me WANT to make captions, especially since I'm stuck at home until the GF gets out of work .. Yup, my car's timing belt let go, and we are hoping that it didn't mess up the engine. I don't THINK it did, as the temp gauges stayed in the normal range, broke while only running the car for 4 minutes, etc ... but you never know until you get in there and check out the engine itself. Lets all hope for the best, right?

Her pair definitely beats a pair of jacks .. Damn Skippy!


  1. I think you did a great job :) Rarely I have written a script then went looking for the right pic :) Thx Dee

    1. So glad you liked it! I thought more people would enjoy it but neither here nor at the Haven did it seem to get much love.

      I really enjoyed making it though and I think organized crime is a much underused antagonist for TG captions .. especially when it give us a happy ending like this!