Monday, September 9, 2013

Purge the Soul with Fire!

Damn ... she is burning up with fever!

Another quickie posting tonight. Been quite busy and haven't had much time to do much, though I did get to watch some football yesterday. Patriots won! 49er's won though I was rooting for Green Bay .. i can't help it, I like Discount Double Checks! And if the 49er's lost, Rachel would be pissed off, especially since they pretty much stole Boldin from the Ravens. I think it was a "Sorry I beat you in the Super Bowl brother! Here's something to get you a ring too!" Definitely a conspiracy!

I am going to try to make some new captions tomorrow and possibly post here as well. I should have alone time after hitting the gym. If not, there should be something here on Wednesday.

1 comment:

  1. This was a great Halloween-themed caption ; albeit a might early ! So now she's as succubus and seeking young men to drain of their life essences and energies and convert them them into what ? More like her ? Paging the SRU ( Spells Are Us ) Wizard ." Emergency call on line 69 ; succubus on the loose again ! " Seriously creepy and erotic at the same time ! More ?