Thursday, August 22, 2013

9 AM Sharp .. On the Dot!

That saying doesn't really work very well in this digital age, does it?

Made this caption today as I actually had a few minutes to myself again! WOOO! My Grandmother will be heading back down south this weekend, so it looks like most of my extra-curricular activities will be dying down soon enough. Somewhere along the line, my summer really got away from me with all the medical issues, car troubles, and various other distractions strewn about me. Cannot wait to start cranking out some captions!

The thought behind this caption was all the running around I was doing these last 2 weeks and trying to work an actual semblance of a shift where I would be visible to people that wished to see me in person. Much of my work can be done at my house (I have a more powerful computer there) but many people wish to do business the old fashioned way .. present on site .. so its a balancing act when I am far from the location of the job. Due to the amount of miles I was putting on, mixed with road construction, led to me being 5-10 minutes late for scheduled appointments. I know if it was me, I'd definitely have penalized me for doing so, and probably in the way I did in the caption if I had that power! I don't think you'd forget to show up on time if you looked like that and wished to be a male again. I just need someone to remind me WHY I would want to be a male again looking like that?

I had most of it written, and of course it was centered around the "on the dot" comment (which for those that don't get it, she's wearing a polka dot outfit) and I really couldn't think of a way to finish it. Nothing relating to time word-play would pop into my head ... so I went the "boobie trapped" route which I have used before .. don't remind me! I am not really fond of that whole last paragraph to be honest with myself, as to me, it seems a bit half-assed.

SO, anyone out there want to rewrite the ending for me? It can't be a huge paragraph, but a sentence or two should be able to fit in there! Post them below and I'll see what I can do!


  1. "On The Dot " caption was brilliant. Ms. Mentia certainly keeps track of all her technicians. This is one problem Jeffrey er Jenny, Jennifer definitely is going to need help with solving. On the other hand, this blooming into a girl-woman may teach him a valuable lesson. Namely show up at work on time from now on. Maybe the store was "Booby-trapped " with a pager that he carried from Ms. Mentia. What's next I wonder? More ?

  2. I like the caption as it is, but you rever to an alternate ending in your post, "I don't think you'd forget to show up on time if you looked like that and wished to be a male again. I just need someone to remind me WHY I would want to be a male again looking like that?"
    So how about somthing like:
    "Oh my, how does the old hag expect me to be on time, if I can't stop touching myself."
    (and now I have the Divinyls playing in my head.)

    I know the feeling of beeing pressed for time, most issues I have are in the catagory "various other distractions" most things aren't to bad, they just eat away a lot of time I'd rather be spending on my favourite blogs and the Haven.
    Road constuctions... (censored)... I encounter so much of them on a short distance, it takes me about 20 minuteus to complete a 3 mile drive, if I'm lucky. I've already encountered a detour within a detour. I better stop here ranting, or I might be late for my job.

    I didn't know Godsmack, and still don't, as every video I tried to play seems to be blocked, due to some copyright issues.
    So I played Pink Floyds "Time" instead

  3. I am so glad people liked it the way that it was written. Makes me feel a bit better about giving it as a trading caption now.