Sunday, July 7, 2013

Who's got the blues?

Sometimes you have to suffer for the music!

Well, I guess suffering depends on how you look at things. Made this one a few years ago as a Fantasy Football caption for Googs, who is quite the musician. Originally I won the game, but then the adjustments came out and I lost by 1.5 points! So I definitely had the blues that week.

Nothing spectacular, but pretty standard. I do like the fact that his love of music was so strong that not even magic could interfere, just try to work its way the best it could to the tune of the wish. I wonder if we eliminate too much of the old person when we make most of our TG captions. That link to the old person could be an anchor point to the story AND in a way, make the transformation more personal and meaningful to the recipient, especially if it could be tied into their preferences.

I am going to try to post every other day here, probably with older captions I've made. Not only have I had the kidney stones, but the heat and humidity here is quite unbearable. When the AC in this room runs for 14 hours and it still can't get the ambient temperature below 85, you know that either its brutal outside of you need a new air conditioner. Perhaps its both, but I really can't see myself being in this much for more than 10 minutes at a time.


  1. Lovely caption.
    I wonder if Lucy's mom would rather have a more noisy kid, not playing at a titty bar.

    I think it works both ways with making and receiving captions, well for me anyway. When I get a caption where the captioner stepped away from the "old me" it allows me to step away from myself also and it allows the caption to have fun with me, even have fun at my expenses without becoming offensive.
    When I get a caption that was made with *me* in the back of the head, the caption can become very moving, it touches a whole different range of emotions.
    I can imagine some people leaning more towards one or the other view.

  2. Fun cap Dee!

    I like the idea of having some anchor point that keeps the subject of a cap rooted in her former self, while still letting her explore the new world. I think the only problem with this method is that you really have to know someone fairly well to get what things could act as an anchor. Is it music? Love of family? Cars? Work? If you hit the mark, it's wonderful... if you miss the mark and make an anchor that doesn't work, then it can be kind of off putting. At least I'd think so.

    Sorry to hear about your heat related problems. I'd have to guess that the AC unit is getting a little long in the tooth if it can't regulate the temp below 85... unless it's like 100 degrees outside.