Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Scene from a Restaurant .. What's on the Menu?

She might be ordering for two .. or from a different menu!

Made this one for Rebecca Molay. She has almost wide open preferences so it can be hard to actually design a caption for her. I would much rather have a good set of guidelines that aren't TOO restrictive to work with. I was going through a really old folder and came upon this picture. I cropped it and placed it in a setting so I could come back and work on it later, but something triggered a discussion about having children, with the wife being apprehensive.

What more could a guy do to try to convince his spouse that they'd be good parents? The wife wasn't really buying anything but didn't want to go out of her way to put him down, so she suggested that somehow he become a teenage girl for awhile. The method isn't important to the plot, only that as it moves along, wheels should be clicking in his head that aren't because he is SO into having kids.

I think what I really like about it is that he pretty much ends up trapping himself and even worse, giving her suggestions that even she hadn't thought about aka being hoisted upon his own petard. It isn't a case of being an asshole to someone or things like that. Its more of a cluelessness in not reading the unsaid thoughts of a spouse, and anyone that has been in a long term relationship knows that signals can get crossed very easily.

And of course, the last part is quite unreal. I STILL can't get my daughter to eat a salad. I remember her trying to make a stand when she was twelve, with "I don't want to eat meat anymore!" but apparently chicken wasn't considered a meat in her reality, and it meant that she could still eat a steak occasionally, but only if it was killed humanely! I think that lasted about 3 weeks before she decided that animals were too tasty to leave off her plate!

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  1. Cute caption.
    This should have happened to a colleague of mine. He wanted kids, she didn't. when the got kids, she became a real mother hen and he was, and still is always complaining about the lack of attention from his wife. With your scenario not only would both have stayed happy, but we wouldn't have to listen to his complaints.

    Siouxie and the Banshees is one of those bands I listened a lot to in my youth, but forgot over the years. Nice to hear them again.