Wednesday, July 31, 2013

I Am Not a Number, I'm a Free ...

Hey Baby? What's your number? 6 ? That seems like a few digits short!

Made this one a number of years ago for Jillisa, figuring she might be the kind of person that understood the pop culture reference. I think British people, Sci-fi fans, and those who enjoy vintage Iron Maiden songs would get it .. well, Simpsons fans might as well!

It'd would be interesting if they updated The Prisoner, since so much of our lives are now captured in digital format .. images, voices, and thoughts transcribed to the waiting world for all to see. Its hard to be discrete nowadays, as there are so many electric eyes out there. Cobain had it right when he said, "Just because you're paranoid, don't mean they're not after you."

I thought I had posted this caption before, but I can't seem to find it here. I swear, me searching to find captions I haven't posted here takes me longer than it does to write up the post I think!

DISCUSSION QUESTION: I've been seeing many TG Caption blogs listing the "transcript" of the body of text within the caption INTO the actual blog post itself. Do people actually read that version instead of clicking on the caption to see the complete work? Why do you captioners out there do it? Is it for search engine purposes or something else? I wondered if I should be doing that too, but I would think it'd make these posts even longer!


  1. Nice parody of " The Prisoner "; the TG-spin was interesting. Who knows how much longer the series might have lasted longer had they had men escaping from the "Village " ? Returning weeks or months later as new women servants to "Number #1 " or as regular women prisoners.Maybe that orb could spray some kind of fast-acting natural female estogen phermone -starting a rapid or slow transformation?

  2. Loved this one, especially the final few lines. Perfect example of your work and just plain funny.

    I've started transcribing my captions even though I believe mine are pretty easy to read. Once Caitlyn-Masked told me she had issues with reading my caps back when I had to have a raised show behind all my text. As I've gotten more aware of what I'm doing in captions, I find myself thinking more about readability. Honestly, some caption makers tend to be verbose so it might serve them better to post the text in their blog post instead of trying to read the squeezed text on a white background. I know when I read Kendall's blog I tend to read the story first, THEN look at the blog and her overall design to see how it came together.

    Also, some people love to use designer text that makes it hard to read otherwise. I don't think everyone should it however (you, for example, write shorter caps and use very clean text, would be counter productive).

    1. Funny you mention fonts .. as someone that delves into graphic design at work, I spend much time working with fonts and how they are viewed. They need to kern well and look good at a variety of different sizes. Often, they should also be able to blend into the background so that people notice the copy (the content) you are getting across, and not the text formatting itself.

      I have found a few fonts that work really well in captions, and I stick with them. Other than using a "handwritten" font for effect, I would prefer most people stick to a basic non comic-sans, non times-new-roman that integrates well into their structured design.

  3. Big Prisoner fan here .. love the reference. >:)


    Three very good reasons to place your caption text in the blog. 1)It does make it easier for people to read if caption is in difficult type font or color is a bad contrast, old eyes do have problems. 2) You can place a Blogger page language translator on your blog and let non-english readers follow your caps easier, there is an audience out there, and 3) It does help in your search indexing a lot. Search engines tend to ignore alt picture text due to black hat tendencies. What does it hurt to provide the text?

    1. Well, I can see those points.

      I guess for me, a caption is the integrated whole enchilada in one fell swoop, self-contained and its own entity. I even have trouble getting into TG Blogs that have a picture posted, then a few paragraphs afterwards .. its a pseudo-caption, and it just feels disjointed to me .. unless its just one or two sentences, like Leeanne's work.

      I don't think it hurts per se, I would just be worried that my posts would look even longer, and that people might not want to read what I have to say ... then they would just click on the caption, read it, then wander off to the next site.

    2. For those who want ONLY the caption and nothing but, they won't bother to read anything but the pretty picture and words to begin with. It's a bonus for those who want to read the text.

      There are some people who write LONG captions and try to squeeze text into limited space. At that point you might as well just write the story and post to Fictionmania!

  4. I was never a fan of transcripts in blog posts. I figured so long as the cap artists put effort into the font and color and layout of the story, I should feel obligated to read it how they presented it.

    That being said, I never considered foreign language readers. I've come across some Russian, German, and Spanish caps that I would have loved to read, and having the transcript would have been great for Google Translate. I think if I was still capping, I'd add that to my blog (my posts were already long... why not add some more length!) but present them in a smaller font so that it doesn't dominate the post.