Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Always Thucking Thumone!

That title makes you really curious, doesn't it? Well it SHOULD!

I don't think I've ever posted this caption to the blog before, and I'm not sure why. This is absolutely one of my favorite captions that I've ever created. What's not to like? I love Tiffany's 'dialog', and the plot as it is involves a former guy, now a slut, that is cock hungry, even for his former best friend. There is a dynamic there that does create tension as it is: I mean, they both know how Tiffany used to be, so it has that humiliation factor for Tiffany, and that "this hot chick used to be my bro! WEIRD!" vibe for Samuel .. then put in the possible infidelity (or possible semi-forced blowjob) which amps up the mood even more. Not sure how implied this is, but there COULD be a chance that Samuel ends up joining Tiffany in sluthood .. if Tiff's ex-girlfriend either lies or his fiance decides she LIKES the punishment that Tiff's ex dished out. As Evilise said in the Haven post:
Dee, I just wanted to say, that this is a great cap and perfect pic. I can't help but to see myself in Tiffany's position. I think i'll be fine as long as my friends don't find me like this! Make sure you lock the door behind you. And by the way, I hope she doesn't take you back! 
I sort of used myself in the Samuel role, at least how I presented it to Tiffany. If she had said 'Damien' in the caption, I don't think you get the same enunciation you would with an S or an F.  Besides, I get to be dominant in the caption itself and have a possible demotion to slutty female status. I think that is a win-win situation any time!

We have another long-time TG captioner pulling back the reins and stopping their prodigious output .. Smitty Simon will continue to work on fetish type captions, but is giving up TG captions. Mistress Simone has her take on it HERE  and its close to what I've said about Caitlyn and others. I do hope that some others can raise there game and fill the gaping holes they will leave in their wake. Even more so, that perhaps some of their fans will try to make some of their own captions or TG stories. Cailtyn started by somehow coming across a few of my captions, hit Rachel's Haven, and then made her own, carving out quite an erotically charged path of her own that leads us to her possible departure. Smitty had quite a fertile imagination and the sort of prolific output that might've made Stephen King take notice. We definitely can't fill these spots quickly, but the next group of talented captioners needs to get some practice in and crank out some classics!


  1. The caption kind of hints that he might wind up the same way, but it leaves off on a more upbeat note for him then anything else. Which isn't a bad thing at all, since It would mean that Tiffany would still just be a cock hungry slut! Who wouldn't want that?

    Tiffany's dialog and the title for this caption reminded me so much of this scene from family guy.

    It's a real shame to see so many people leaving, but it's also a happy time since We know that they are doing it for good reasons. Alectra posted on her blog that she's thinking about it because she's kind of burned out, caitlyn becoming a nurse and Smitty just moving on with other material.

    I just wrote up a rather lengthy post about it all my self. I've seen a lot of people come and go around this place. Even remember when you were just a new member at the haven Dee.

    There's not a lot of people left from the old days of the haven Beta, or even the official opening of the haven, But I am glad to see that there's still some new blood around and more will continue to pop up in the future.

    And of course there's plenty of people who have just made a name for them self's here on the blog. It used to be a very closed off community and would take hours to find someone to talk to.make a connection or even find some good captions to read. Now it just seems like a click away. It's amazing how much the community has grown, but I will always remember my old friends.

    1. As you said, the openness of the community can only help. It reminds me of the old days in the 1990's where there were TG site "rings" and there were big hubs that spun off from there. Its kind of come full circle to where we still have some big sites (Fictionmania, Rachel's Haven, Rebecca's World) and then we have all the spokes like these blog sites. Its good to see the two mingle.

  2. Wait, Smitty's giving up TG stuff?

    I mean, I haven't ever frequented the blog, I've been by a few times but...

    Wow. And not in a good sense.

    Still, I am amazed at how inventive captioneers are, I'd have run out of ideas years ago but you guys are still going strong and still finding new angles all the time. I am very much in awe of that kind of production rate. I tend towards longer fiction and have always shied away from TG themes in favour of very vanilla stuff - mainly because I am not a terribly good writer - so I have always felt more fangirl than producer. In essence, as a 'hanger on', the departure of two of the Big Guns is slightly stunning.