Sunday, June 9, 2013

Earning Respect from the Bottom Up!

Before you read the blog post, please read the caption! Spoilers are in the post itself.

Ok, so WHY was Nate changed into Sammie in the first place? I hope you'll comment on it after reading this blog!

Made this one for Sammie/Serena during my "vacation" week, right around the time life sped up for a bit. Since we've been around for quite a while on the Haven, we don't feel the need to have to respond right away to another trade. We know that it will get done when we are good and ready, and better off to caption a newbie and get them hooked on trading captions. I had the picture and it just SEEMED like a picture and plot that Sammie would like.

Though it *IS* designed like a quickie, it took a bit longer than a typical quickie. I needed to make sure I packed as much information into it as I could in a small space. I love challenges like this because boiling a caption to its bare essence. You can word things so that the reader can assume things that aren't spelled out, and just focus on one pinpoint moment in time .. for this caption, it was the realization that things weren't quite so bad and that she did have the resiliency to climb back up, perhaps even better than where she was before.

I left the reason WHY she was changed completely empty, it never really needed to be stated, just that he WANTED to become himself again. Some like being changed due to a punishment for bad behavior, others by complete chance. This way, anyone reading it can form their own opinion. As to the spoiler, when I was creating this caption, he was set up and blackmailed by a jealous co-worker and trapped in that body. Notice that it doesn't really fill in any gaps of understanding? Its why I didn't refer to it at all.

<><><><><> Random Thoughts <><><><><> 

Apparently, I am running out of "fresh, new" captions to post! I guess I'll have to make some newer ones real soon! Hopefully on Monday even! I have a few left in the pipeline, but they are reserved for Caitlyn, a 4th of July caption, and a few that aren't quite finished yet.

Quite impressed with the latest spam that is coming our way. It actually mentioned the title of the posting it was attaching itself to, which means not only are the spammers actually learning how to program, it won't be too long until Skynet becomes sentient!

On a sad note, the musician I mentioned a few weeks back that was quite a mentor to me died this morning. He hung on a lot longer than they expected but he was in a rough spot so its probably for the best. I hope there is a Denny's with an open bar in the afterlife, so we both can get drunk and then sober up, rinse and repeat!

DISCUSSION QUESTION: So, in your mind, WHY was Nate changed into Sammie in the first place? There are no wrong answers, and your MIGHT make more sense than mine does! I hope you'll post what you thought the back story was for Nate/Sammie!


  1. Fun cap Dee!

    When I read the cap I didn't pay to much mind as to why he was changed. On the second read though, the thing that came to mind was that he had purchased a magical token of some sort that failed and turned him into a woman. He was now earning money to get another token to change himself back.

    I'm sorry to hear about your friend. It's always hard to see a mentor go, but I'm sure that his voice and music will echo within your soul for a long time to come.

    Oh, and you have something planned for me? YAY!

    1. Thanks Caitlyn! Even though he was big into New Wave/Punk music, he was a teen during some of the Beatles recordings so he knew most of the guitar lines by heart. When we were in a "folk punk" band together, he used to do that Beatles song, both the guitar and the vocals, so I chose it as a tribute, plus is sort of fits in with the caption too.

      I have something almost done for you, but its more of a quickie to let you know I still do captions for you occasionally! It didn't totally gel when I wrote it so I figured I'd give it a week or two to see if I could tighten it up, using my captioning kegel exercises so to speak!

  2. Great caption.
    I was thinking he might have been the victim of a loan shark, but somehow that didn't felt right with this caption.

    Well, as Big Brother is already watching us, Skynet can't be too far away indeed.

    I also regret hearing about your friend and mentor, and like to give my condolences to you.