Saturday, May 25, 2013

LeeAnne's fit to be un-tied!

I do think her brain is still in bondage, don't you think?

Well, I made this one last week, as I had an idea for Leeanne and needed a picture .. something that doesn't usually happen in that order. Usually I see a picture and it writes a story. What I had in mind though was thought out before I went image hunting.

As a bit of background, Leeanne has an incredible blog about sissies, and her specific life journey toward being pantied and cuckolded. It helps me understand that sort of mindset and it fleshes out the people behind the kinkiness and eroticism that is inherent to the scene, especially since these are usually loving relationships. When I do sissy husband and wive captions, I try to include at least some semblance of compassion and trust, because otherwise, its just shrewish, ballbreaking wife abuses weak, simple man .. rinse and repeat. Each time she goes into a bit of her back story, it fills in another piece of the puzzle for me and why its appealing for many. Sometimes I wish that Leeanne's wife would post from time to time as that side of the equation isn't always represented.

Anyway, I'm not breaking any confidences here in stating that Leeanne is/was a laywer, and from the way it sounds, a very good to excellent one! I also get the feeling that she wants to be as good a sissy for her wife as she is in the legal profession. I have no idea which side of the aisle she works but I just know I'd rather have her on MY SIDE if I was in court.

This *IS* a Dee caption though, so there are additional layers beyond just the sissy nature of Leeanne and how she is trying to keep the 2 things she is best at .. justice and feminine devotion to her wife. For Leeanne, those things HAVE to be separate .. at least in real life. However, here in the theater of the mind ... all things are possible.

I am guessing that his wife, Deidre (which is my professional, upstanding in the community first name) figures that they already have enough money and wants Leeanne home full time so that she can devote herself to being the sissy wife he should be. There is definitely an element of hypnosis buried in there somewhere, or its gotten to the point where Leeanne doesn't realize what is manly and what isn't anymore .. which also could be part of the hypnosis blending his separate lives back together to form the new improved sissy Leeanne.

I also am not trying to degrade either his work life or his home life. I think there IS a quiet dignity is being a sissy. Hell, you KNOW your position in life, and you are rewarded when you do it well. The reason Deidre is upending Leeanne is that she KNOWS he is good at his job and would get another rich bad guy back onto the streets. She'd rather see that bastard rot in hell and have Leeanne all to herself, worshiping the ground she walked on.

I still got to have my little fun with the caption though, using somewhat stilted dialog as if Leeanne was getting herself into "conservative lawyer" mode, ready for battle. It matches the old-tine 1930's feel that the picture itself lends to the atmosphere. I think the photo works well with the story I concocted, and I hope it fills in all the blanks I left somewhat vague so it wouldn't get bogged down in too much exposition. I know its not the frilly underthings that most sissies adore wearing, but I find that this "man drag" is interesting enough that I thought it would flesh out my words better. It shows that Leeanne isn't a lawyer that happens to be a sissy .. she's a sissy that happens to be a lawyer! I also hope that comes through in this work.

I might be back tomorrow or Monday to post something. I probably won't be around on Tuesday or Wednesday as I'll be celebrating an anniversary with my GF.

I am a big fan of both hardcore punk and thrash metal. This band did them both ferociously. When I was young, I ALMOST got the skanker symbol as a tattoo. As this body approaches middle age, I am still thinking about adding it to the ink I already have.

If metal is not your thing, here's something else you can be listening to while driving down the highway on your way to a Memorial Day cookout. Enjoy!


  1. A great caption with a nice turn around at the end. I recon its only a short step from those power skirt suits.
    Lots for the viewer to read into this one.

    1. I agree. Often, my captions are a moment in time, and its up to the reader to fill in what happened before AND after. Almost like you had opened up a "Choose Your Own Adventure" book to a random page.

  2. Dear Dee,

    Thank you so much for creating such a wonderful caption for me, as well as your thoughtful discussion about sissies and trying to understand our mindset. I am about to post a new installment of my sissy journey, continuing to move closer to the present time. As for my cheerleader offering her perspective, I may attempt to explain that somewhat in my post, but I know I won't get there as well as she could herself. I'm not sure how she would feel about doing such a thing, but if the moment is right, I may ask her whether she'd consider doing so. I'd even like to read that! By the way, you are correct that I am still a lawyer, and the most I'll say about my career is that I work for the people and am definitely one of the good guys. Not to sound too conceited, but you definitely want me on your side in a legal battle within my expertise, and if you've done someone wrong, you definitely don't want me against you. I have a strong sense of not harming others and doing the right thing, so it motivates me. As for my cheerleader, it's funny that you created such a caption about me. My cheerleader would love for me to retire, but she also knows we can't quite afford for me to just yet. But she does want me all to herself. So, way to be prophetic. And many thanks.



    1. I'd just like to say that I'd absolutely love to see your cheerleader's perspective.

    2. SO glad you liked it Leeanne! And of COURSE she'd want you all to herself! She DOES have to share you with us online though!